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2017 Hit Parade Autographed Perez-Steele Edition Series 1 releases Friday and is up for presell now!

The Fall Classic is fast approaching and what better way to gear up for postseason baseball than with the latest baseball release from Hit Parade! Introducing 2017 Hit Parade Autographed Perez-Steele Edition Series 1! With 2017 Hit Parade Autographed Perez-Steele Edition Series 1 you get two signed Perez-Steele postcards per box! Look for legends like […]

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New 4th Quarter Video Game Releases

September is here and with that is the unofficial start of the video game season. Every summer the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) treats gamers with previews and demos of the years most anticipated games. Most of the games highlighted at these conventions are set for release between September and this holiday season. The fall to […]

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JUST IN: Over 600 NES Video Games at our Williamsville, NY Store!

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was first released in October of 1985 in North America and was the most popular video game system for nearly a decade. During that time the NES released 679 video games in North America with the last game being Wario’s Woods on December 10, 1994. Dave & Adam’s have brought […]

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Reach into the Vault during National week

  Whether your passion is sports, comics, or toys, among other things, they’re constant reminders of why collecting is beloved by many. We, the breakers, are among the many who love to collect different things. Sean collects everything, seriously he is all over the place. Alex collects concert posters and obscure sports cards. Troy likes […]

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2017 Hit Parade Baseball Graded Card Edition – there’s no waiting for the hits!

If you are like me the wait to receive redemption and graded cards back in the mail can seem like an eternity. Wouldn’t it be great to keep that adrenaline rush from breaking a box and realizing that amazing hit you just got is a physical graded card instead of a piece of white cardboard with […]

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Olympic Hockey Fever

As the Winter Olympics carry on the world’s focus will clearly be on the hockey medal round coming up this weekend! This past weekend’s USA versus Russia shootout thriller brought back so many memories for hockey fans around the world. Whether it is the famous Miracle on Ice game or Canada’s incredible victory over the […]

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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

This just in: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Trading Card Game from Upper Deck

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Trading Card Game is releasing Tuesday, April 23rd 2012. Announced by Marvel, Upper Deck and Gazillion Entertainment on February 29th, the trading card game will feature special rewards that can be used in the popular online game. Reward codes can be found in every pack and redeemable in Super Hero Squad […]

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