Blast from the Past


2018 Hit Parade Super Nintendo SNES Video Game Cartridge Series One now up for presell!

Our friends over at Hit Parade are back with another entry in their video game series after the tremendous response to the original Nintendo NES line with their first ever Super Nintendo SNES video game hobby boxes! Regular readers of the blog know we are big fans of classic gaming so we are pumped for this […]

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From Buffalo to Connecticut to New Jersey – A Video Game Buying Trip!

Earlier this month our head video game buyer Tony traveled to two of his favorite conventions along with some other stores and comic shops along the way in search of some cool games and other unique items! The traveling started in the first week of September as he headed to Connecticut to attend the RetroWorld […]

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Sega Master System – The Forgotten System

Pop Quiz Time: What was the first home console Sega produced for the North American market? Many casual gamers and collectors might think that was a softball question and answer with 1989’s Genesis. They, however, would be wrong as it was the Sega Master System released to compete with Nintendo’s NES in the Fall of […]

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2018 Hit Parade Nintendo NES Video Game Cartridge Series One now up for presell!

Our friends over at Hit Parade are going retro with their first ever Nintendo NES video game series! Regular readers of the blog know we are big fans of classic gaming so we are pumped for this inaugural release! This special series is limited to only 50 total hobby boxes which will each contain one […]

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Buying and Selling Vintage Entertainment Cards

Dave & Adam’s is synonymous with sports cards but did you know we also specialize in the buying and selling of rare entertainment cards? From classic TV shows and movies to historical events and quirky pop culture phenomenons like UFOs, our card buyers are always out there looking for vintage card sets and singles! We have cards from entertainment properties like Star […]

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Dave & Adam’s Buying Team Secures Two ‘Holy Grail’ Baseballs!

The buying team here at Dave & Adam’s was recently contacted through the website in regards to purchasing a few baseballs. Now our buyers get calls, emails, and messages daily from collectors all over the country looking to sell their items but it’s not every day when they get contacted about the following items: An […]

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Early Pokemon game thought to be lost forever finally resurfaces showing dozens of early and unused Pokemon concept designs!

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Pokemon? Our head Gaming Acquisitions and Events expert Blaine Campbell did and he along with other fans found some unreleased Pokemon, baby forms, evolutions, and other abandoned concepts in early copies of the Gold and Silver video games. Says Blaine, “It’s a very involved process. It begins […]

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1952 Topps Baseball Mickey Mantle, graded PSA 9, expected to sell for millions!

Heritage Auctions are estimating that the below PSA 9 1952 Topps Baseball Mickey Mantle card could break the record price of most expensive baseball card of all time when the auction closes in mid-April. This PSA 9 card is looking to break the record price of $3.12 million paid for a T206 Honus Wagner. If […]

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