Upper Deck AEW Black Diamond to debut in the fall

On the eve of this season’s Black Diamond Hockey release, Upper Deck announced that AEW Black Diamond will debut later this year.

It incorporates some Black Diamonds favorites like Gemography, Band of Color, Exquisite Collection, and AEW Event Logos, similar to the Jumbo Logos in hockey, spanning shows such as Dynamite, Collision, All In, and more.

Diamond relic sets specific to AEW include Title History Diamond Relics and Squared Circle Gems. The Gems feature red /25 and green /10 parallels, while Title History is /15. What’s not pictured in Upper Deck’s solicitation is the Top Ranked Matched Diamond Relics /5.

The Event Logos and Exquisite Collection sets I mentioned before also have autograph parallels to compliment the memorabilia, but what really caught my eye were the Tag Team and Trios Patch Auto Booklets. That gives way to potential tag teams like the Young Bucks or trios like The Elite, not to mention The House of Black, being on the checklist.

And to top it all off, there are auto booklets /10 appropriately named Glistening Graphs Six Way Auto Booklet. I’m fantasy booking who could end up on those. Hopefully, it’s talent such as Jay White, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, and more. Upper Deck says the Glistening Graphs and Trios Patch Auto Booklets will include event-used memorabilia.

Other autograph sets include Diamond Plate and Sparkling Scripts.

Something else Upper Deck advertised that I thought was really cool on the memorabilia side of the product is the inclusion of the Exquisite Collection cards with pieces of the men’s and women’s world title belts inside. Those will be /10 with autograph parallels /5, making them a chase for wrestling fans.

For those who chase 1-of-1’s, be on the lookout for those in the Black Diamond Relics and Exquisite Collection Black, to name a couple.

One box is one pack and will feature six cards, one base or base printing plate, one Exquisite Collection card, one autograph (which a guaranteed auto is pretty sick), one manufactured relic, one insert, and one Diamond Relic, memorabilia, or Booklet. Inserts could be Squared Circle Gems, Diamond Gallery, Diamond Might, or Diamonation.

Keep an eye out for this release in the fall!

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