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Live Box Breaks presented by DACW Live

  • Group Breaks
  • Random Team Breaks
  • Individual Breaks

Two Ways to Participate:

We Break It Live

Your box or case is opened live for you from the DACW Card Lounge and broadcast to a worldwide audience. Select what you want opened from our massive selection of unopened boxes and cases.

Group Breaks

Buy into a group break of a team slot or a box slot from a case. Get all the cards from the break.

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Watch for random giveaways, bonuses, and other box breaking fun. You never know what's going to happen!

How to Participate: If you are interested in participating in a break you can purchase a slot directly through the website or by contacting our break host via email at

Shipping/Handling/Supply Charges: For team breaks, shipping and supplies will be included in the cost of the "slot”. To have a box or case opened for you, our regular shipping rates apply.

Break Products and Schedule
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  • Box Break Products and Schedule



    Wednesday 5:00 pm EST
    2014 Panini Spectra Football 8-Box Case - DACW Live 32 Spot Random Team Break #1



    Thursday 4:00 pm EST
    2013 Historic Autograph Ball Of Fame Baseball 10 Hobby Box - DACW Live 17 Spot Random Break
    8 Slots Remaining
    $44.95    Add to Cart
    Product Features
    • Spots are determined by:
    • First letter in player's last name
    • 1 Jose Abreu ball given away to 1 hitless breaker
    • $5 Gift Code to all other hitless breakers



    Wednesday 4:00 pm EST
    Image for 2014 Panini Black Gold Football Hobby Case 8-Box Case - DACW Live 32 Spot Random Team Break #1
    2014 Panini Black Gold Football Hobby Case 8-Box Case - DACW Live 32 Spot Random Team Break #1

  • If you are new to box breaking and group breaking, here's what you need to know...

    Basics: A "group break" is generally referred to as a group of individuals buying "slots" to receive potential hits from the break. The slot is usually a certain team, but there are many variations. For DACW Live Breaks, slots will be team based. This is a fun way for collectors to potentially receive hits from the favorite players or teams without purchasing an entire box or case.

    Random Team Breaks: Breaks that consist of a number of individuals paying the same price for a "slot” in the break. All the teams involved in the break then would be randomized live on camera, and matched up next to the individual's name. When you buy into a random team break, you'll know exactly which team you have before the box and case breaking begins. If the box or case has "hits" from your team, you will receive those cards.

    Selected Team Breaks: All teams involved in the break would be priced out accordingly. This would be a first come, first served type of break. Each team's price would be determined by the potential hits of that team in that product.

    Draft Style Break: A Draft Style Break will consist of participants drafting their own team. All slots will be randomized via, and that will determine the draft order. Once draft order is decided the draft will begin. Participants will select their team via the chat. If a participant does not respond in the chat what team they would like a team will be selected for them by the break host. If a participant cannot attend the draft they can email a draft list to the host ahead of time to, and he will draft off of that. No team is guaranteed even with the list.

    "We Break it Live" Individual Box and Case Breaks: A customer purchases a box or case from our website for us to break it on camera. The box is opened on camera and is streamed live or uploaded to YouTube after the break depending on the customer's preference.

    Recording: Breaks will be streamed live on our website, as well as on our Ustream page. We will also have a library of breaks on our YouTube page.

    Watching a Break: All boxes and/or cases will be shown before the break is started. Once the break starts all packs will be removed from the box. As packs are opened cards that are deemed a "hit" will be shown as a close up back and front of card. We will also recap the hits so that everyone sees exactly what was pulled.

    Shipping: All hits from breaks will ship out within 2-3 business days (common cards will not be shipped). All products will be shipped with proper protection (bubble mailer, box, toploader, and/or one-touch).

    Conduct: Box Breaking is intended to be a fun event and we encourage interaction with the chat feature. Our main goal is to make your hobby experience as enjoyable as possible. We please ask that you follow proper conduct while participating in a break. We will not tolerate any swearing or disrespect of our staff or other break participants. We reserve the right to ban a customer from participating in future breaks if we feel it is necessary.

    Rules for Multi-Player Cards, Retired Multi-Team Players, etc.

    Placement of Card: A card will be awarded to the team that is listed on the back of the card, not the jersey they are wearing.

    Multi-Player Cards: Cards that have multiple players on it will be randomized through three times. An individual will receive as many spots as they do players on the card. For example if a person owns two of the three players then they would receive two spots in the randomization of that card, and the other person would receive the third spot. These will be done live, and will be recorded after the break.

    Retired or College Players: Many products have retired, or college players in them. If a retired player is pulled in a specific professional uniform than the card would be awarded to the shown team on the card. If a retired player is pulled in their college uniform the card would go to the team that they played for in the year the product was produced. In addition, current professional players in college uniforms would go to the the team they played for in the year the product was produced. (For Example: Trent Richardson in 2012 Upper Deck Exquisite Football would be awarded to the Cleveland Browns).

    Terms & Conditions

    By entering into a DACW Live Box Break, you are either purchasing a "slot" or having a product opened live and shipped to you. In the event of having a team slot that doesn't receive any cards, you will not be refunded. When having product opened live for you, you will receive all the cards from the product that is opened.

    Whether purchasing a "slot" in a group break or a product to be opened live for you, there will be no available refunds. By purchasing, you are entering the group or individual product break agreeing to our all sales are final policy for live breaks, regardless of the outcome of product content.

    All dates and times for Live Box Breaks are subject to change

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