Wembanyama 1/1 Prizm rookie sells for $516,000, sets new record

It feels like we’re talking about monster, historic, record-breaking Victor Wembanyama card sales weekly. I could make an argument that it’s almost daily. So, with that note, let’s check out a new Wemby record sale!

Most collectors would not be surprised to know and learn that two of the top three sales of Wembanyama are his rookie cards from 2023/24 Panini Prizm Basketball. Late last week, ALT announced the record-breaking sale of Wemby’s Gold Shimmer FOTL 1/10 jersey number PSA 10 for $52,2000 in Liquid Auctions.

However, that reign didn’t last long. Not even a week later, there is a new record. The Victor Wembanyama 1/1 jersey number FOTL Black Shimmer PSA 9 auction on PWCC closed for $516,000 on Thursday night, shattering the previous number. Half. A. Million. Dollars, folks.

As a quick side note, after some research, thanks to 130 Point, I think ALT saw this as a record-breaking sale for a Wemby Spurs rookie card. The 22-23 Bowman U Best of ’22 Autographs SuperFractor 1/1 (jersey number, again) Wembanyama with the “1st Ever” inscription PSA 8.5, 10 auto, sold through Goldin last August for more than $67,000.


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Collectors, in my opinion, should be mindful of three things when talking about this sale. The Prizm Hobby Black 1/1 Victor Wembanyama rookie did surface, gemmed from PSA, and has not publicly sold or hit the auction block yet.

I’ll give you a minute to digest everything I threw at you here. Following this six-figure sale, do you think the PSA 10 Prizm Black Wemby 1/1 goes for $1,000,00+?

There’s plenty more Wemby parallels to chase out of 2023/24 Prizm Basketball. You can find sealed boxes here on dacardworld.com.

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