DA Drops of the Week: 5/30-6/3

It’s a lighter week of releases coming off the holiday, but let’s get right into our DA Drops of the Week.

Wednesday, June 1


Before this year’s NFL Draft, we saw the release of Bowman University Football, and now less than a month from the NBA Draft, we see the 2021/22 Bowman University Basketball Hobby release.

Topps says Bowman U features “some of the hottest lottery-caliber talent from around the world.”

There are two Chrome Bowman U autographs per box. Also, look for hobby-exclusive parallels and exclusive inserts such as Bowman Invicta and The Big Kahuna.

According to Topps, there’s another insert to search for in Bowman U. It’s 2003 Bowman, which brings back the design from an all-time year in Bowman basketball cards.

There are 24 packs per box, with four cards per pack.


Topps is also dropping some soccer on Wednesday. We’ll see the release of 2022 Topps MLS Hobby.

There are 200 base cards in the set, including 25 Pitch Prodigies highlighting the top rookies in the game.

“Coming off one of the hottest years in Major League Soccer, check out 2021/22 Topps MLS, showcasing another strong selection of soccer superstars and fresh rookies!” Topps said.

Collectors will find three relic or autograph cards per box and look for base set image variations and Topps ’22 Minis.

An MLS Soccer Hobby box has 24 packs and eight cards per pack.

Friday, June 3


More Topps soccer will hit shelves at the end of the workweek with 2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer Hobby Box.

Topps says you can collect your favorite superstars and young phenoms with the brand new 200-card base set and new and exciting insert sets.

New insert sets include Chasing Glory and GOLAZO.

Collectors can also look for Framed Rookie Stickers featuring “authentic first UEFA Champions League Stickers of the game’s hottest athletes.

There are four cards per pack, 18 packs per box, and one autograph per box.


Next up is arguably the most anticipated football release of the 2021 season.

Panini Prizm Football is BACK with colorful new parallels and brand new inserts. 

“Collectors of all types and ages will find something to love in 2021 Prizm Football,” Panini said. 

Look out for the new parallels, including Orange Wave, Navy Camo, and Forest Camo. As for the new inserts, look for Prizm Break, New Recruits, and the “ultra-rare” Manga, which fall one per case.

Panini says there is a 110-card rookie set, and every box will deliver 24 rookies on average.

This year’s Prizm will feature short print insert favorites like Illumination, Instant Impact, and Stained Glass. Collectors can look for Color Blast as well.

Product highlights include one Snakeskin Prizm per case, two autographs per box, ten #’d Prizms per box, and four silver Prizms per box.

There are 12 packs per box and 12 cards per pack.


Ahead of Hell in a Cell Sunday, Panini is back with another WWE release.

This time it’s the debuting WWE Revolution Hobby. Panini says this offers collectors a wide variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts to chase.

Additionally, Panini says the above mentioned are available from randomly inserted superstars and legends across all the brands.

Each box will include four inserts. Collectors can look for inserts like Vortex and Supernova.

You can find eight parallels per box from a “variety of unique foilboards.” Panini says collectors can chase the “ultra-rare” Galactic parallels.

There are eight packs per box and five cards per pack.


As always, we saved the gaming for last! This time around, it’s actually the Dragon Ball Super TCG.

A new booster box, Unison Warrior Ultimate Squad, will hit shelves later this week.

It will feature warrior groups from various eras, including Cooler’s Aromored Squadron, and many cards recreating famous scenes in both design and gimmick.

Various themes and skills appearing in other UW series products, including the most recent, is reinforced in the Unison Warriror Ultimate Squad Booster.

Also, random SR/SPR box topper continues in this set.

Here’s a rarity breakdown:

  • [60] Common (normal/holo ver.)
  • [38] Uncommon (normal/holo ver.)
  • [30] Rare (normal/holo ver.)
  • [18] Super Rare
  • [15] Special Rare
  • [3] Secret Rare

New Release Shopping Cart

2022 Topps MLS Major League Soccer Hobby Box

2022 Topps MLS Major League Soccer Hobby Box

Product Features
  • Three Relic or Autograph Cards Per Box!
  • Collect a 200-Card Base Set!
  • Look for Pitch Prodigies!
  • Find Base Set Image Variations!
  • Look for Topps '22 Minis!
2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer Hobby Box

2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 Chrome Autograph Card per Box!
  • Golazo and Future Star Inserts!
  • Look For Image Variations!
$249.95 $149.95
2022 Panini Revolution WWE Wrestling Hobby Box

2022 Panini Revolution WWE Wrestling Hobby Box

Product Features
  • Four inserts per box!
  • Eight parallels per box!
  • Look for autos from superstars and legends!


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