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Reed Japan Buying Trip 2024

Fulfilling the top item on his career bucket list, our vintage buyer Reed Kasaoka finally bought a deal in another country (excluding our friends to the north in Canada.) In March 2024, Reed flew to Tokyo, Japan to buy just one collection - but what a collection it was.  Over 4,000 singles ranging from high grade baseball and football HOF RCs from the 1950s through 1980s, rare 1990s Michael Jordan inserts he had never seen in person, dozens of autographed cards of the parallel version numbered to 25 or less, and what Reed says is the best non-sport autographed card collection he's ever seen.

It will take some time to go through this deal, as dozens of cards need to be re-holdered while hundreds more need to be graded.  Cards will be listed periodically over the next several months, so check back often for new additions to our inventory.  Many cards you may have never seen before - any may never see again.  If you see something you just have to have, don't hesitate, as there are likely many other collectors thinking the exact same thing you are!  It took flying halfway around the world to unearth this collection which may approach $1M in retail value, and we expect all of these cards to find new homes extremely quickly.

From the day Reed landed in Tokyo, he started receiving inquiries about buying other collections in Japan.  While he only budgeted time for this one deal, there are plans to return to Japan as soon as early next year, or maybe even earlier?  If you live in Japan and are interested in selling your collection, Reed is very interested in speaking with you.  Contact Reed today!

Reed Kasaoka

[email protected]


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