Leaf terminates litigation against CeeDee Lamb after return of all cards

UPDATE (May 27):

Leaf took to Twitter once again to announce it received all the CeeDee Lamb cards owed to collectors.

With that said, Leaf also announced the termination of the litigation against Lamb on its Twitter.

“We are thankful for the resolution quickly,” Leaf said in its tweet.

UPDATE (May 25):

Leaf announced that Lamb returned the cards to the company Tuesday afternoon.

The company says it hopes to have the cards checked in so redemptions can begin filling on Thursday.

In a tweet, Leaf thanked Lamb for “promptly addressing the issue” and said all the signatures are on-card.

“This is a win for the hobby, a win for collectors and a win for manufacturers who are somewhat helpless when issues arise,” Gray said on Twitter. “I personally thank @_CeeDeeThree for putting collectors first and fixing this. Collectors: Thanks for your patience. I wish I had been able to fix sooner.”

ORIGINAL (May 24):

Leaf Trading Cards CEO Brian Gray said Monday morning the company is filing the first-ever lawsuit against an athlete to compel the completion of an autograph contract.

In a tweet, Paul Lesko, a litigator for Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane, revealed the athlete is Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb.

“As we shared last week, Leaf has filed the first-ever lawsuit against an athlete in order to compel the completion of an autograph contract, so customers holding redemptions are not forced to take replacements. We hate doing this, but customers need defending here,” Gray said on Twitter.

Lesko was able to get a copy of the Leaf v. Lamb lawsuit, in which Leaf is seeking $100,000 or less.

In the lawsuit, Leaf alleges Lamb breached his license agreement with the company to sign cards, thus causing “significant damage to Leaf, including loss of income and goodwill with customers who purchased redemption cards with the expectation they’d be signed.”

Lamb allegedly “failed and refused” to sign the required amount of cards after Leaf and the Cowboys WR signed an agreement for him to sign cards. They also provided the cards for Lamb to sign and return.

According to Lesko, the complaint only has the breach of contract as a cause of action. Lesko says this should be a simple case.

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