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By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Wednesday morning, “The Chase” crew had a loaded roster full of talent on the show. We continued our recap of interviews from National, including one on the set with Daniel LaHani and Leor Harari of Mamba Cards, and Frank the Tank Fleming from Barstool Sports.

First came the interview with Mamba Cards. The breakers have gained a good following on Instagram and their webpage, and have grown a knack for pulling some heat. For LaHani and Harari, their love of cards goes way back.

“We had a local card shop called Valley Baseball Cards in Los Angeles and we used to go there. We were really young and there was a bowling alley next door. We used to get dropped off at the bowling alley and then we’d take the money that our parents gave us … buy some packs, rip that stuff open. That was back in like ‘97 when Kobe was a rookie,” LaHani said.

LaHani added him and Harari have known each other their entire lives and got into the hobby together in the ‘90s.

Obviously, with the name “Mamba Cards,” if you assumed they were Kobe Bryant fans, you assumed correctly.

Harari began the name, but being from LA, both grew up Lakers fans, making it easy to cheer for Kobe.

“Back in like 2018, we were getting back into the hobby, ripping boxes (looking for) like Lonzo and Luka rookies and we still had a big Kobe collection and I was like ‘I’m going to start an Instagram page, show off our Kobes a little bit.’ From there, it just kind of grew. After that, probably three years ago we began a breaking page on Instagram called Mamba Cards. … It’s been growing ever since, since the hobby’s been blowing up,” Harari said.

To get the growth on Insta, Harari said it really was reliant on the product they were posting and breaking.

“We want to have a great variety of products and we just want to have fun and provide entertaining breaks. And we just grew organically through our following,” Harari said.

LaHani added that it’s a combination of having good product, good quality service, being professional and being entertaining. He praised Harari, for being so entertaining and called him the face of the brand.

Mamba Cards is more than just Kobe cards, as well. The crew does breaks five to six nights a week and pride themselves on being an entertaining brand. Additionally, Harari said there’s more to the “Mamba” name than just being Kobe fans.

“As far as the name Mamba Cards, obviously it comes back to our roots being Kobe fans, but it’s all about us having that mamba mentality, just trying to be better every single day. We’re always growing and trying to do the best we can,” Harari said.

LaHani added, Mamba Cards focuses more on basketball product, but they’ve begun dipping their toes into multiple sports, such as football, baseball, F1 and soccer.

As far as becoming Lakers fans, Harari and LaHani said both of their families were big into the Lakers, basically meaning it was passed down to them. Being from LA helped, as well.

They’re both big Kobe collectors, as figured. LaHani said his favorite mamba piece is his 96-97 finest refractor gold BGS 10, pop five. He added, they’re still chasing their holy grail, which is a 96-97 Topps chrome refractor.

And, at the end of the day, customers who go the Mamba Cards way can expect nothing but the best.

“We want everyone to feel welcome. We want them to feel like they’re part of the family. We treat everyone with respect, how they want to be treated. Whether they spend a dollar or $1,000 or just enjoy watching us. We want to have fun and create a positive and safe environment,” Harari said.

LaHani added, “We have people that our joining our lives every single day – loyal followers. They give us energy every day, they give us passion and we love having them. Even if they don’t spend money with us, you just treat everyone with respect.”

To check out Mamba Cards, visit their Instagram and website.

Frank “The Tank” Fleming

While roaming the National floor in Atlantic City, “The Chase” crew got to meet Frank “The Tank” Fleming, an avid Mets fan and Barstool Sports employee.

Fleming, being from north New Jersey, made the trek down to AC for his second National. He said he went to last year’s National in Chicago, as well, and bought some Starting Lineup figures and some pennants.

Fleming is also a Miami Dolphins fan, in addition to the New York Mets. He doesn’t have a select player pool that he collects, and said he likes to collect everyone.

“I love bobbleheads, things like that. I saw a 1986 (Mets) team picture that was autographed. I got my eye on that, maybe I’ll pick that up,” Fleming said.

Getting into the National League East leading Mets, Fleming said it will be tough for the Mets to hang on to their lead when the Atlanta Braves are looming behind and “play the easiest schedule in the history of baseball.”

Then, leaning towards the Dolphins, Fleming said this year is a big test for QB Tua Tagavailoa.

“If he’s good, the Dolphins should be a fun team. I think the Dolphins get to the playoffs, they don’t win the division. Maybe they win a game in the playoffs,” Fleming said.

He added, the Dolphins won’t win the division because he expects the Buffalo Bills to win it and possibly win the Super Bowl.

To follow more of Frank The Tank, check out his Twitter.

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