Bame & Stedman of Bomber Sports Cards Join ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Right around the Fourth of July, “The Chase” crew was lucky enough to pull a one of one Matt Corrall rookie patch auto out of the 2022 NFL Draft Picks Chronicles. Corral was drafted out of Ole Miss this past season to the Carolina Panthers.

As buzz went out about the pull, more people continued to pull one of ones from the product, including the guys over at Bomber Sports Card.

Recently, Chris Bame and Kevin Stedman of Bomber Sports Cards joined the show to talk about two big pulls from the Chronicles Draft Picks series. The duo pulled a one of one Justin Herbert Oregon moxie with a Nike swoosh relic, as well as an Aidan Hutchinson one of one rated rookie.

Herbert is currently the Los Angeles Chargers’ star quarterback, while Hutchinson was drafted No. 2 to the Detroit Lions in the 22 NFL draft.

The duo, based in Cleveland, have pulled heat lately, aside from the draft picks cards. Card include a tri-auto of Nolan Ryan, Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani; Bryce Harper one of one button relic auto; and Ja’Marr Chase rookie debut signatures auto out of 25 from Flawless amongst many others.

Bame and Stedman both started collecting young at local shops and then began to form Bombers Sports Cards upon meeting in college at Ohio. Bame said the brand started “by chance” from just buying a box of 2012 Bowman Sterling football at a local card shop with Stedman.

“This box was, at the time, like a 300 something dollar box. So we said, let’s just split it, because that’s a lot of money back then. So the chase was Andrew Luck, the chase was RGIII (Robert Griffin III). We go back to his house, start opening the packs (and) boom, Andrew Luck autographs, boom RGIII patch autograph rookie card. Then there was a superfractor, and guys, I didn’t know what a superfractor was, with a little one of one on there, beautiful gold (of) Bernard Pierce, running back for the Ravens was in this same box,” Bame said. “And I’m not done! There was a dual auto patch card that was the case hit we came to find out of (Luke) Kuechly and (Dont’a) Hightower … and then there was a redemption for a quad autograph. … It was mind blowing.”

Stedman added, the two then took to YouTube to see if anybody else had a box like there’s, and from there they began to learn about box breaking and the rest is history.

Bame said the brand name Bomber came from a family tie, as his uncle’s nickname was Bomber and he felt if you hit a big card, it’s only right to yell “boom!”

Of the one of one pulls from Chronicles, Bame said he always tries to not peek when he sees its a big card.

“Any time I see a tag or swoosh, or I see a little glimpse of gold, I start getting excited,” he said. “And what’s so cool about showing that card and realizing it’s a Herbert, Oregon, is the guy who won it lives in Oregon. So the guy was ecstatic. … I know our man with the Herbert is going to PC that one, I would say.”

As for Stedman, the Michigan Hutchinson pull wasn’t all thrilling for him, because he is an Ohio State fan, he admitted with a laugh, and said the Herbert moxie was his favorite.

“The Chronicles drafts are fun, because it’s the first time you’re going to see the new draft class, you’re looking at some new autos. You don’t recognize a lot of the autos and you’re getting to see them for the first time,” Stedman said.

He added, the Chronicles break was random teams, because it’s tough to price by team for just seeing some guys from the 2022 draft class for the first time.

The duo said they will be at the upcoming National in Atlantic City and will be breaking on a daily basis, in addition to having a basketball hoopshot tournament, so if you see basketballs flying at National, you’re likely by the Bomber Sports Cards area.

Readers can check out more from Bomber on their Twitter, Instagram , Facebook and website.

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  • Dave & Adam’s is in the process of opening a store in Europe! The store is in the Roermond region of the Netherlands. The store, despite not being officially opened yet, is encouraging everyone to come out and view the space. All kids who stop in will receive free cards. To follow more on the new Europe store, follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Today’s box rip giveaway was four cards of Topps 2022 Archives Signature Series. Each box contains one autograph card from a retired MLB player. Pulls today included two one of one autos (Rafael Furcal and Jorge Posada) in addition to numbered autos of Kent Hrbek and Eric Gagne. To win, visit the YouTube video of this episode and comment your favorite obscure retired MLB player and why.

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