The Chase Ep. 25 Recap

King of The Kards joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

The Chase ‘Co-Host’

Phew. What a week it was.

Last week, “The Chase” crew had the opportunity to go on the road to the National in Atlantic City. Along the way, the crew got to interact with and meet athletes, celebrities of the hobby and more.

While we were able to get some guests live on the show, there were multiple guests we were able to interview outside of our scheduled time slot, including Kyle Kravitz, from King of The Kards.

For Kravitz, it was his fourth National appearance. Kravitz is highly known for some content he does on social media including trade up challenges and more. As of late, he said he’s been taking the time to enjoy himself as he continues to rise in the hobby.

“I’ve been having a lot of fun. I feel like a lot has happened for me this year in particular. It’s been wild kind of seeing some rapid growth. A lot of it has to do with the content that I’ve been working on and cranking out. I think I’ve really connected to a lot of people. … Just really focused on delivering who I am and what I do in this space for people to see it and it’s been received incredibly well,” Kravitz said.

Kravitz also mentioned a recent moment, where he got to interact with some of the Colorado Avalanche, the night they won the Stanley Cup Finals in Tampa Bay.

“I had heard through the grapevine that the Avs were staying at the hotel right next to the arena,” he said. “So they win the cup, … and I’m like you know what? I’m really not doing anything, I have to go see if I see the cup, if I see them coming out with it or whatever I (can) see. … Sure enough, you see the Avs bus come around, they have the Stanley Cup in the front seat, but not all the guys are even on the bus. They walk in the hotel up the escalator, Landeskog’s got the Stanley Cup above his head. … Then Nathan Mackinnon walks in, he’s got his Stanley Cup hat on and a beer in hand.”

He added, he got a picture with Mackinnon and, even though, he has met a multitude of athletes, he said to meet some of those guys in that moment after winning the Cup was a special time.

Kravitz can also be seen representing the “Make Cards Fun Again” hat he so famously wears. He said it can be interpreted in many ways.

“A lot of parts of the hobby that foundationally were about just having fun; literally having fun about kids getting involved in the hobby and it bringing people together. (And) sometimes (they) get lost in the business side of things,” he said. “Now I run a sports card business, so I’m not naive to the need to do those things and have them be a part of it. It’s the only reason that any of us can get to enjoy it. More so, the way it’s being done right now; I think that people are completely abusing why they wanted to be in a business in this industry and it’s affecting consumers, collectors and down to kids.

“Short term, sure, the profits are incredible, I’m sure and you can’t blame businesses for selling to people who are paying the price, but over the course of time, I think it’ll be less profitable, because you’re going to lose a lot of people, their confidence in it, their trust in the industry.”

As a lifelong collector, Kravitz said he got his start in memorabilia, meeting players and asking them for autos. As he grew older, he said he continued to get things signed and trade with friends and such, eventually looking to make a business out of it all. He added, he personally enjoys collecting Johnny Manziel.

Kravitz had the opportunity to meet the former Heisman trophy winner and he said Manziel actually gave him a shoutout.

“I got to interview him in Chantilly,” he said. “He was doing a signing, and I was lucky enough to be in the back room and we were chopping it up and I got to talk to him. In the interview … he said, ‘Yeah, man. I follow the page, I see everything you’re doing.’ I’ve met players of very high caliber, but when it’s your guy, it’s your guy. That’s my dude. So, I had a very cool moment and I got that on camera.”

As far as the name “King of The Kards,” he said it was more of a goal than anything and obviously, claiming to be a king, he sets himself at a high standard to live up to that name.

“I have fun with it, there’s a lot of kings of the hobby, so it’s nothing like that. It’s more so like getting to a point like what does it mean to be a king? You try to serve your people. So that’s what I’m shooting for,” Kravitz said.

As he moves forward, Kravitz said his King of Kards page has some big things to look out for, especially from a content perspective.

King of The Kards can be found on Instagram and TikTok.

Also on “The Chase” …

  • The Topps truck will be making a stop at the Dave & Adam’s location in Cooperstown! On Saturday, Aug. 20, the truck, wrapped in approximately 11,000 baseball cards, will make its way into the Hall of Fame village. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Topps Team will be handing out sample packs, tee-shirts, and other Topps swag to fans throughout the day.

  • Additionally, while pulling Topps Tier One Baseball, Troy pulled a one of one Derek Jeter bat auto. The best part about the pull (other than increasing Troy’s reputation of pulling one of ones)? This card could be yours! Comment on the YouTube link

  • of Wednesday’s episode predicting how many home runs new San Diego Padres outfielder Juan Soto will finish with. He currently has 21.

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