Dappz Sports joins ‘The Chase’

Dappz Sports joins ‘The Chase’

Patrick from Hit Parade talks new Brady product

Friday morning, “The Chase” crew capped off a great week with another interview from the National, in addition to Patrick Mancuso coming over from Hit Parade to talk about a new product.

As part of our National collection, the crew had the chance to interview one of the most influential breakers in the game today – Dappz of DappzSports.

Dappz has over 40,000 followers on Instagram and puts out content on nearly a daily basis.

Dappz talked about taking a trip to Dodger Stadium for All-Star Week. He mentioned everything from ripping cards at the stadium to even eating a lackluster “Dodger Dog.”

“To be at Dodger Stadium, which is a cool stadium in itself, it’s a little older of a stadium, but the sun is out and it’s just nice. So, I do this break and it kind of felt like a DJ booth. … There’s a DJ next to me and then me breaking cards and kind of a crowd formed,” Dappz said.

He added he pulled some Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger base cards and people were begging for them.

“It opened my eyes up to card breaking at events. … To further the hobby and to push the hobby along … I think part of the companies … we have to do our part, too. And for me that’s creating content, obviously, and this is creating content right now. But, to be at that event and see people be engaged … seeing people’s reactions to the cards, getting excited over base cards; this can be replicated at any stadium,” Dappz said.

Additionally, there are still quite a few people that don’t know about the hobby. Dappz said he still has friends who love sports that don’t realize there’s money in the sports card world. In turn, he said with more events in stadiums, such as the one at Dodger Stadium, it could help expand the hobby and get people’s minds rolling and realizing how much fun and entertaining the cards can be.

As for Dappz status as a collector, he said he started young as a kid back in 1995 with a binder full of cards. He mentioned he started collecting around Kevin Garnett and Damon Stoudamire’s rookie campaigns.

He mentioned a funny story with the binder of cards, saying one time his mom put the binder of cards on top of the car roof and drove away. Luckily for Dappz, the binder remained atop the vehicle, but when he opened the binder, just some random spots were missing and, unfortunately, he doesn’t know who was on the missing cards.

“It was the most dramatic experience of my life,” he said. “Those cards in that binder are in a storage facility in New York. … I guarantee you there’s still random slots missing on each page, so I can relive it.”

Dappz admitted, there was a time where he was out of the collecting game, but after watching some GaryVee content, he began to gain some motivation.

“I was watching GaryVee content since 2013 and 14 that wasn’t sports card related, but I liked its message, I always thought he was putting out positivity, I like that. I guess I was attracted to that. Then, he started going off about sports cards. I saw him be right about TikTok and all these other weird little platforms and was right. I was like, I want to get back into sports cards and he’s saying this, so it was this kind of double amplifier for me where I was like these two things make sense,” he said.

He said he began to buy slabs and rip occasionally, and then about a year later, he began selling his slabs for two to five times the amount he bought them for. He mentioned a story where he bought a Kawhi Leonard slab for $800 and they ballooned up to $5K. But, overall, he attributed his success to GaryVee’s motivational speeches.

From there, Dappz began breaking and said he was making $100 to $200 a night and enjoying what he was doing so much that he wanted to do it every single day.

“When I started ripping for other people, I realized I love the process. I love ripping cards. And me, people are like ‘What do you collect?’ And, sure, I collect some Kobe or whatever, but really, if I could, I want every single card I see,” he said. “When I realized that, (I knew) I can’t collect the way I want to, because I’d need $100 million. … Through breaking, I love the process, ripping cards open, and I get the same enjoyment out of it. And I don’t have to keep the card. When you rip it, you’re like ‘Ah, this is beautiful.’ You examine it, look at it, appreciate the artwork that went into it, the design.”

Overall, he said he loves seeing the feelings the people receiving the cards evoke when they’re pulled.

“You’re changing someone’s life monetarily,” Dappz said. “Someone bought the Buccaneers from us in a break a couple weeks ago. $50, they hit a one of one clearly downtown Tom Brady. Is it 10-grand, is it 20-grand? I don’t know, but he paid $50.”

Dappz said, things really began to change when his sister moved to California and began to help him out while breaking. The duo worked incredibly together, and Dappz said he realized he could take on more product a night because of that. It took off to making multiple thousands of dollars in one night from the comfort of his own bedroom.

As far as content, Dappz said he noticed people posting their slabs on their Instagram pages, and he began to do the same, but after a month, he got tired of doing the same thing as others and knew he had to get creative with what he posted.

For those looking to possibly become a breaker or content creator, Dappz had one simple message for the audience: “Don’t stop.”

“If you wanna be a content creator, if you wanna be a breaker, whatever you wanna do, do it every day. Don’t give up, because there were nights where I had three people in my live and I’m just sitting there texting my buddies, ‘Yo, I’ll send you $40, can you just buy these last three spots?’ If that’s what you gotta do to fill it … I wanted to fill the break. … In the beginning, just keep doing it. There will be nights that are tough, that’s OK. … You gotta put in the work, and the work is tough sometimes, but it’s worth it,” Dappz said.

For more of Dappz, check out his Instagram.

Also on “The Chase” …

  • Additionally on the show, we had Patrick Mancuso on from Hit Parade to talk about a huge, new product hitting the shelves.

Hit Parade recently created a Tom Brady exclusive autographed hobby box. There are only 150 hand numbered boxes of this product and every single box has at least one piece of Tom Brady autographed product. Products include Tom Brady signed footballs, helmets, jerseys from the Patriots, Bucs and even Michigan; the opportunities are endless.

But, there’s a catch. In one of these boxes, there is the big hit box, which includes a signed Major League Baseball from Brady (who was drafted by the Montreal Expos), a Tampa Bay Bucs signed mini helmet, a Bucs red Nike Elite signed jersey and a Patriots signed helmet inscribed with six-time Super Bowl champ and four-time SB MVP. The retail value of the box is over $13,000!

For more information on the product, visit the D&A Card World website.

  • Speaking of Hit Parade, the boys ripped open a Fourth and Goal box from HP that will (of course) be given away. The products included a full size Seattle Seahawks DK Metcalf helmet, a Cam Akers signed Los Angeles Rams jersey, a Diontae Johnson signed 8 x 10 photo, and a Jamall Williams sign Detroit Lions mini helmet.

To win these products, comment #DadBod on the YouTube video.

  • For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit dacardworld.com or visit all the social media platforms here.

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