2015 Topps Supreme Football preview

2015 Topps Supreme Football promises to deliver some big hits this February. Each one pack box will come with a low-numbered card that’s either an autograph, auto relic or a relic.


The base set covers NFL stars from the past as well as rookies and veterans from the present. Base cards have five levels of numbered parallels: Copper, Violet (#’d to 99), Gold (#’d to 50), Green (#’d to 25) and Red (#’d 1/1), plus one-of-one Printing Plates.

15TSFB_Auto_Favre 15TSFB_SupremeAutoRK_White

Rookies, veterans and retired legends also have signed cards in 2015 Supreme. Supreme Autographed Rookie cards feature numbered base versions plus three levels of numbered parallels, including Gold, Green (#’d to 25) and Red (#’d 1/1). An additional 30 veteran and retired players have autographs with base versions numbered to 99 and a collection of parallels similar to the rookie autographs except Green parallels are numbered to just ten. All autographed cards have one-of-one Printing Plates editions as well. Multi-autos in Supreme include 50 different numbered Dual Autographs and ten Quad autos numbered to ten. Dual and Quad autos both have one-of-one Red parallel versions.

15TSFB_QBPlaybook_Winston 15TSFB_InscriptionAuto_Mariota

Topps got several NFL quarterbacks to diagram their favorite plays for Autographed QB Playbook book cards. These are numbered out of five and come with a QB signature plus a hand-drawn play diagram. Inscription Autograph booklets come with a special inscription along side a signature in silver ink.


Additional autographed booklet cards in Supreme include one-of-one signed team logo patch book cards. There are also dual auto patch book cards for 20 different player pairings. Dual auto booklets are numbered and have one-of-one Red parallel versions.

Supreme Autographed Patch cards are numbered and feature sticker autos. Parallel versions include Gold (#’d to 25), Green (#’d to 10) and Red (#’d 1/1). Supreme Autographed Quad Relics have three levels of patch parallels numbered to ten or less. Jumbo patch autos have two level of patch parallels numbered to five or less.


Relic cards come in several different varieties, including basic relic cards plus quad and jumbo relics. Rookie Quad Patch cards come four patch pieces with a checklist of 40 different first year players. Parallel versions are numbered to 25 or less. Veteran Quad Relics come with three jersey swatches and a patch piece. Look for one-of-one Veteran Quad Platinum Patch parallels.

15TSFB_SupremeJumboPatch_Cooper 15TSFB_SupremeJumboPatch_Gordon

Supreme Jumbo Patch cards come with large multi-color patch pieces and are one-of-ones. Additional one-of-one relic cards in 2015 Supreme Football include Supreme Grip (glove), Supreme Leather (football), Supreme Tag, Supreme Spiral (football laces) and Supreme NFL Logo Shield.

2015 Topps Supreme Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Supreme Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 pack per box, 4 cards per pack
  • One High-End Hit per Pack!

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