Fanatics Collect partnering with Sotheby’s on high-end auctions

RIP to PWCC. Enter Fanatics Collect.

Sotheby’s and Fanatics announced a new partnership today that will allow collectors to buy and sell “rare and coveted sports cards” valued at $100,000 and higher.

PWCC is due to retire this summer, and Fanatics Collect will emerge.

“Fanatics Collect will provide a more dynamic way to collect, with access to the market via auctions and a new Buy Now marketplace, secure vaulting, and authentication and grading partnerships,” PWCC said.

Expect more information on this transformation in the days/weeks to come.

Fanatics Collect and Sotheby’s will showcase a curated selection of “top-of-the-market” trading cards for purchase through live and online auctions hosted by Sotheby’s.

The first live auction will take place in September in New York and includes a PSA 8 copy of the 1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson rookie card.

“This unique partnership is a reflection of the elevated status and cultural impact of the hobby and gives these highly sought-after cards incredible reach and visibility to potential collectors around the world,” Fanatics Collect CEO Nick Bell said. “We’re truly excited to be able to pair our knowledge in high-end sports cards with Sotheby’s unrivaled expertise in storytelling across exceptional fine art and objects.”

Fanatics says its goal with Fanatics Collect is to allow collectors to browse and instantly purchase from an extensive range of hundreds of thousands of listings.

It will feature a reimagined Buy Now fixed-price marketplace experience at launch, with continued Weekly and Premier auctions.

Updates are planned, including peer-to-peer trading, AI-powered concierge services, card scanning and identification, and digital collectibles.

Are you interested in the first Sotheby’s and Fanatics Collect auction? Email the sales team here.

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