Dave & Adam’s #MVPMondays: Marty Forsyth

Welcome to Dave & Adam’s MVP Monday, where we will highlight a member of our staff each week!

For this week’s MVP Monday, we ventured into our warehouse department to meet our Manager, Marty Forsyth.

“As the Warehouse Manager, I am responsible for tracking all of our inventory and overstock in the back-end of the warehouse, which is truly the backbone of the company. I also am in charge of the loading and unloading all of the product and packages that come in on multiple freight trucks each day.”

Marty has been with the company for fifteen years, well before Dave and Adam’s became the company that it is today.

“When I started here, there were about thirty or so employees and the warehouse was the size of our office space now. Since then, we have quadrupled all in size! My friends never believe me when I tell them how much product we have and the size of our warehouse until I show them. They are amazed!”

Marty, third in from the right, with some of our Dave & Adam’s employees.

As with many employees within the company, Marty wore many hats beyond his position to be able to get the job done!

“Since our warehouse was much smaller then, the title was more or less a warehouse supervisor/order puller.  I did almost everything you could in the warehouse. From managing the trucks and inventory, to pulling actual orders that needed to be shipped out, I had to do it all.  Since we have grown, I have been able to primarily focus on my managing duties, and I am excited that we are bringing in a few more people to work with us in the warehouse!”

Currently, Dave & Adam’s has positions open in our warehouse and can be found posted here on our site!

There have been a few times during Marty’s tenure that he did not always feel it would be a sure ride.

“I remember a time in our industry when it hit a lull and so many other companies were dropping off.  We laid off a big portion of our company, and those that were still here, did not know where it would lead us. But (owner) Adam turned it around for the company.”

“I really believe that our owner (Adam) is the most knowledgeable expert in the field.  I know people that he went to high school with who said he always spoke about owning a trading card business. Over 30 years later, here we are today – one of the largest, if not the largest company for trading cards and collectibles in the world. He is so impressive to me and is definitely high on my list of people that I admire and respect.  For two guys to start a company basically out of their bedrooms, to today’s 30,000 square foot warehouse facility and a local retail store, it really is incredible. They were devoted to the company even when it was hurting and made it work! It’s Adam’s determination and desire in knowing the business that has made this company so successful and one of the industry’s best.”

When Marty isn’t here at Dave & Adam’s, he spends some of his time playing music!

“I have played guitar and drums all my life. I was in a few bands in the past, but I mostly like to just play when I am home for fun. One of my son’s is actually a percussionist as well (he doesn’t like it when I refer to him as a drummer!)  He focuses more on concert percussion, like the xylophone and other special percussion instruments.”

Marty recently made a guitar that is tributed to his dog Saidie, who passed away a year ago.

“She was a German Shepard/Lab mix. She had a black coat with white markings on her chin and chest. We were all very sad to have to put her down. Once the pandemic settles down, I am really looking forward to adopting another dog.”

Marty’s other favorite pastime is to root for the New York Rangers!

“When I was growing up in Upstate New York, there were two teams to choose from – the Rangers or the Islanders. The Rangers won.”

“My most prized collectible is definitely a Henrik Lundqvist autographed jersey! I actually got it for my son but it is definitely the coolest collectible I’ve ever gotten from Dave and Adam’s.  It is framed up nicely at my son’s house in his bedroom.”

Thank you for joining us for this week’s MVP Monday and thank you Marty for being a part of the Dave & Adam’s family!

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