Walk a mile (or nine) in our shoes…

The week after Thanksgiving is coming to an end, but with 20 days until Christmas things are not slowing down at Dave & Adam’s. Earlier this week we showed you a behind the scenes look at just what happens at our warehouse during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We have some more data to show you just how hard our staff works to get your orders out as quickly as possible during this busy time of year.


This from the Health app of the iPhone of our Director of Warehouse Operations, Michael Waczkowski (or Kowsk as we like to call him). It shows that he walked 9.91 miles around the warehouse on Thursday while getting orders ready. In that same amount of distance he could have walked all the way to downtown Buffalo or three-quarters of the way to Niagara Falls from our warehouse.

map2 map1

I’ll end this post with one final look back at the calm before the storm.

Warehouse11282014am Shipping11282014am

These were taken at 4 AM on Black Friday before most of our staff arrived. It shows the tranquility quietness of the warehouse and shipping department before tackling the first batch of the nearly 10,000 orders that came in since Thanksgiving night.

Of course our fearless staff did not panic in the face of what seemed to be an unending wave of customer orders…


Ok maybe some of them had a minor freak out….

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