Our Favorite Autographed Memorabilia Part 2

After getting a few e-mails about our blog last week about some of our favorite memorabilia we decided to do another round of it.

Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart Autographed USC Photo

I really like the shot that was used on this piece in front of the banner listing all their National Championships.

Gordie Howe Autographed Jersey

This is a product that is Cameron approved.


Tony Gwynn Autographed Baseball


Growing up I always liked the way Tony Gwynn autographed things. Oh yeah plus he is in the Hall of Fame, which is kind of impressive.

Jim Brown Autographed Throwback Jersey


I still think that Jim Brown is the greatest running back to ever play the game, plus I like the old school Browns jersey.

Dwight Howard Autographed Jersey

Dwight Howard is one of the best young players in the NBA…

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