The Top Reasons to Collect Sports Cards

Collecting sports cards is a unique hobby that has been enjoyed for over a hundred years, and there are plenty of reasons why people do it. We compiled a list of some of the top reasons to collect.

It Gets You Closer to the Game

Most card collectors you find will also be sports fans. If you’re a big fan of a team or a player, sports cards give you a great way to expand on that. Whether it’s a piece of a game worn jersey, an autograph, or a rare insert commemorating a big game or moment for your favorite player, cards provide a further connection to the teams and players that fans love. Collecting also keeps you involved in sports and furthers your knowledge of the players in the game.

It’s Something You Can Share with Others

Many collectors get started from a family member passing cards down to them or simply sharing the hobby with them, which made their start that much more meaningful. Today, there are tons of ways to share the hobby with others. You can hang out with like minded collectors at the hobby shop, or join the collecting community online. The internet has given collectors a great way to share the hobby with others – group box breaks, trades, product discussions, showing off your collection, and video box breaks are just a few ways to connect. You can also return the favor that got you started and help someone else be informed about the hobby by sharing your knowledge or cards with them.

You Can Build Your Collection in Any Way You See Fit

Collecting sports cards provides a great freedom to build your collection however you see fit. Some of the basics include collecting your favorite player or team, but everyone seems to collect something different. Want to build a complete insert set of autograph cards? Go ahead. Build a vintage set from your birth year? Get started. Only want to collect cards of basketball players over seven feet tall? No one is stopping you. Personal collections and accomplishments can also bring great pride and fun when showing them off. You can use photobucket, forums, facebook, and youtube to show the world what you put together.

There’s Always a Chase

Whether it’s opening boxes to pull a big hit or scouring the internet to add to your personal collection, there is always a chase. It can be the thrill of a big hit or the thrill of finding that last card you’ve been searching for to complete a set. There’s always that next thing to work on.

It Can be Lucrative

There are plenty of ways that collectors make money in the hobby. You can speculate on unopened product and wait for it to go up. You can collect a rookie or player you think is going to increase in value with on field performance. You can even pull an extremely valuable card out of an unopened box.

It’s a Distraction

Spending some time looking for cards or enjoying opening some boxes can be a nice distraction from daily worries. Clearing your mind and flipping through your collection or going through cards can be a very positive thing.

It Brings Back Memories

Cards can bring back all kinds of memories. It could be memories from your childhood, your favorite player, a sports memory, or even the joy of a big hit you pulled from a box of cards. Perhaps a family member got you started with a certain set of cards. Chances are you’ll always have fond memories when you see those cards.

It’s Fun

Out of all the reasons that people collect, the most important one might be that it’s just plain fun.

Everyone has different reasons for collecting, what are yours?


One Response to The Top Reasons to Collect Sports Cards

  1. Tadams from WA June 17, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Really, no one commented?
    I needed an inside hobby; also, I wasted too much $$ (as others did) on wax packs in the 80’s. I collect Ginter only, sell what I don’t need (if I can) on eBay, and hope to get at least one son into this in a few years.