New Case Hit chases in 2024 Bowman Baseball!

The release of 2024 Bowman Baseball is upon us, and the hype around the drop is real. Collectors would probably agree it’s among the upper echelon of products to hit shelves for Topps.

So much, here at Dave & Adam’s we announced another bounty. We’re offering $200,000 to the collector who finds the Dylan Crews (Bowman cover athlete) Superfractor Auto as long as it looks like it has a shot at grading a nine or better, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

From what we’ve seen on Topps social media, there is an emphasis on case hits this year.

Starting with Spotlights, there are three inserts we want to mention that collectors should be aware of when opening Bowman baseball personally or in a break.

If you opened any Bowman Baseball in 2023, you noticed the Spotlights insert was 1:18 packs, so you found at least one in each box. Topps announced it will return this year but as a case hit.


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By case hit, Topps means these are 1:697 packs or one in about every two and a half cases. As seen on Topps’ Instagram, they also have Supefractor parallels. A further look into the solicitation for Bowman shows there are also mini diamond /150, aqua /125, gold /50, orange /25, and red /5.

The other case hit that got attention was announced during last week’s Topps Industry Conference in Atlanta. It’s the 1955 Bowman Anime card. 

Yes, it’s what you’re thinking! These feature the 1955 Bowman design, with player artwork by voice actor Micah Solusod. He’s worked on popular anime series like One Piece & Dragon Ball Z.

Look for gold /50 parallels, orange /25, red /5, and superfractor /1.

Our last stop on the Bowman Baseball case hit tour is the earliest announced one, Gladiators of the Diamond. 

We have not seen pack odds for these yet, but Topps seemed to receive a generally positive reaction when they dropped the look of these on IG and X. These could also have mini diamond /150, aqua /125, gold /50, orange /25, red /5, and superfractor /1 parallels.


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Each of these insert checklists includes the likes of Elly De La Cruz and Jasson Dominguez. 

Keep this in mind as you rip through your boxes of Bowman Baseball. Dave & Adam’s has Hobby, Jumbo, HTA, Blasters, and Retail for sale right now.

We’ll also have group breaks on our Twitch and Fanatics Live channels!

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