Announcement From Konami – Upper Deck Entertainment

From Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

The English version of the 3-D Holographic Rare (Ghost Rare) card, “Elemental Hero Chaos Neos from the recently released Gladiator’s Assault booster set), was misprinted. Unfortunately, some of these cards are named “Rainbow Dragon instead of “Elemental Hero Chaos Neos, which is the correct title.

KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Inc. regrets this error. A redemption program has been created for customers to get correctly printed versions of “Elemental Hero Chaos Neos” through a mail-in offer and at major Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME events.

To get a correctly printed card, please send your name, your address and the misprinted “Elemental Hero Chaos Neos” to:

Elemental Hero Chaos Neos Redemption
PO Box 130938
Carlsbad, CA92013

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your continued patronage.

KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Inc.

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