Fanatics v. Marvin Harrison Jr., Dana White v. Michael Rubin, and a Father/Daughter Duo’s Connor Bedard RPA

Fanatics and Marvin Harrison Jr. are in the midst of a contract-related lawsuit, two sellers from Washington have been arrested for selling cards with fraudulent grades, and the King of Collectibles lawsuit is reaching a conclusion.

If you need a 36-word run-on sentence, to sum up all the legal battles in The Hobby, that’s when you know it’s time to call Hobby Litigator Paul Lesko.

To summarize what we know so far about Fanatics v. Marvin Harrison Jr, Fanatics alleges that Harrison Jr. is not fulfilling his duties as outlined in a contract between the two parties. The details of this agreement have been redacted from the court documents. To quote Lesko, “You can see documents from the government about UFOs that have less redacted,” which ultimately makes sense. After all, there is an NDA associated with the alleged deal, and Harrison Jr. is accused of violating that by leaking “misleading information” to The Pat McAfee Show.

To hear more from Paul Lesko on this and other ongoing hobby lawsuits, check out the latest episode of The Chase wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Now, on to a different type of battle – a Pack Battle featuring Dana White and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. The two will face off in a Topps UFC Midnight Pack Fight on Friday, May 31st at 1pm EST. It’ll take place on Fanatics Live, and the chat will decide the winner. 

Topps UFC Midnight, which was released on May 15th, features 4 case hits, including Dream Chasers (1:53 packs), Moonfall (1:63 packs), After Hours (1:63 packs) and Twilight (1:79 packs). You can also find autographs from Sugar Sean O’Malley, Tom Aspinal, Alexa Grasso, and all of your favorite fighters. Each Hobby Box includes 3 autographs, 3 inserts/parallels, and 1 base card.

We also had a little feel-good moment in the chat today after one of our community members shared a hit he pulled with his daughter recently. The father/daughter duo from Chicago, with Blackhawks banners hanging all around them, got themselves a Connor Bedard RPA /36 from 2023/24 Artifacts Hockey. This is the kind of content we love here at Dave & Adam’s, and it’s always heartwarming to see collectors bring their kids into the Hobby.

Romano and his daughter are now tasked with deciding what to do with the card, but regardless of whether they sell or add it to their PC, they now have a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

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