Be Our New Breaker!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a breaker for one of the largest sports card sites in the country? Now’s your chance! 

Starting at 11 am at our retail store at 8075 Sheridan Drive in Williamsville, New York, join our Dave & Adam’s breakers as they put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to break at DA. 

Breakers Troy & Steve will kick off the event by setting the standard for what we’re searching for in our next breaker. After that, each attendee will sit in the breaker’s chair accompanied by Steve or Troy and see what they’re made of. Each participant will open a blaster of the sport of their choice and be able to show off their multitasking and conversational skills. 

The event will consist of three rounds. In the first round, participants will be paired with one of our breakers. After this, our Dave & Adam’s breaking staff will select who will advance to the next round. In the second round, participants will have a solo opportunity to showcase their card and player knowledge. Again, our staff will decide who will move on to the final round. The third and final round will be live on Dave & Adam’s Retail Store’s Twitch, da_buffalobreaksThis is where participants can demonstrate their interaction skills with the Dave & Adam’s chat community! 

After Dave & Adam’s breaking staff deliberates, in-person interviews will be scheduled on the spot of The Breaker event! Multiple attendees may be selected for a second interview. 

It’s not too late to sign up for this event! Go to Dave & Adam’s Buffalo page on Facebook and fill out the Google Form to get started!

We’re so excited to see you there! 

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