Leaf Metal MMA Set is a Knock Out!!

After we posted the story about the sports card collecting brothers and their standing memorabilia case, we received a ton of submissions from fans asking to have their collection featured on our blog. There were many good ones, but we decided to pick Lee as our first collector for his amazing accomplishment with a tough set to put together.

2011 Leaf Metal MMA is a pretty good looking set, with 42 base cards (all come autographed) and a few other autograph sub sets, all which Lee has in his possession.

Here is what Lee had to say about his set;

‘This is the complete 72 card Leaf Metal MMA Set! All 42 base card autographs, 14 Famous Nickname autographs, 11 National Pride autographs and the 5 Champions autographs. I have also included a rare card featuring Alistair Overeem, his National Pride magenta printing plate autograph (1/1) that I pulled from a box I purchased from Dave & Adam’s.

I love collecting cards with you guys’ – Lee

Alistair Overeem Printing Plate & Champions Autographs

Thanks Lee! Master sets take time and dedication to the hobby to put together. We appreciate seeing stuff like this come together. It is a beautiful set and we appreciate you were able to do it with our help.

If you have a collection or master set you want to share with the world – contact us with pictures and the story of how your collection came together, we would love to feature you on our blog.

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