2024 Topps Chrome UFC Release Part of New Partnership

Earlier this week, Fanatics Collectibles, specifically Topps, entered another multi-year trading card partnership with the UFC. The first release will be Topps Chrome UFC at the end of the month, on February 28. 

“Today is a day of celebration for both the hobby and all UFC fans,” Fanatics Collectibles CEO Mike Mahan said. “UFC trading cards are incredibly popular among collectors – and we are truly honored to be able to once again make innovative and fun cards featuring the next wave of stars.”

Looking at what Topps will offer with the latest rendition of Chrome, it seems the UFC version will draw inspiration from 2023 Chrome Baseball, MLS Soccer, and Bowman U Basketball and Football.

Collectors will catch the familiar sights of the 1954 Topps design, Youthquake, Future Stars, and Lets Go.

So, interesting enough, and a good note when opening packs, in my opinion, is to realize Youthquake is a super short print instead of a base insert card, with it being the hardest of the SSPs at 1:120 packs.

Other SSPs include Countdown, Generation Now, a card that was a base insert in 2022 Topps Chrome Update Baseball, Representing, and Fists of Fury. All of which have superfractor parallels.

Lets Go, which I mentioned above, is listed under case hits. UFC Fight Night, Spitting Venom, Kings & Queens, and Energized are also listed. Spitting Venmo (1:1440 packs) and Lets Go (1:432 packs) are the hardest to hit.

A hobby box of Chrome UFC is due to have two autographs. Also, look for four refractors, two Prism refractors, six Negative refractors, four Magenta refractors, and three Purple refractors per box, on average. The Negative, Magenta, and Purple are hobby-exclusive as well. Octagon Legends, Future Stars, and Marks of Champions are among the autograph insert cards included in the product.

The UFC and Topps have a rich history as Topps produced the UFC’s first-ever trading cards in 2009 and continued the relationship until 2020. And as part of this new deal, Fanatics says there will be a variety of “promotional initiatives,” including fighters joining in on live card breaks on Fanatics Live.

Presell are live now for 2024 Topps Chrome UFC on dacardworld.com.

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