Phenomenal Pulls: Cam Newton Autograph

In our latest edition of Phenomenal Pulls we check out Lance B’s 2011 Upper Deck Legends Football pull, something he purchased from us based on an old card design he fell in love with. Here is what Lance B had to say;

‘I had purchased a box of this from Dave & Adam’s based on the fact that I love the 1997 College Legends card design. After a hard days work, I was surprised to see my order had already arrived, so I started ripping packs. In only the 2nd pack in I pulled this beauty’

2011 Upper Deck College Legends Can Newton Autograph

‘WOW! Thank you Dave & Adam’s Card World – I am going to order three more boxes next week!!’

 – Lance

Great card Lance!! 2011 Upper Deck College Legends has (3) Autographs per box and all of them come hard-signed (on card).

The Cam Newton Autograph falls under the ‘Group C’ category where the odds of pulling one of those is 1:72 packs.

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