Dave & Adam’s Buying Team: Ripken & Brett rookie rack packs

BuyingTeamHeaderOur trading cards buyers received a nice lot of vintage wax from North Carolina this week. The seller was someone they had purchased from the in past, including some boxes of unopened packs. Included in this buy was some unopened rack packs of 1975 & 1982 Topps Baseball. Those years are, of course, significant because of the hall of famers that have rookie cards in those sets (George Brett in ’75 & Cal Ripken, Jr. in ’82).

The best/worst part of rack packs is that you can see the top and bottom card in each pack. That was actually good news for some of these rack packs.

bothracksThere they are just sitting right on top. There was only one 1975 rack pack with a Brett rookie visible, and it’s already been sold. We do have several 1982 rack packs available with the Ripken rookie in plain sight, either on top or on the bottom of the pack.

If you have some vintage wax you’re looking to sell, then contact our buying team at [email protected] We recently increased our buy prices on vintage sets and unopened boxes.

One Response to Dave & Adam’s Buying Team: Ripken & Brett rookie rack packs

  1. Bill Jordan May 11, 2015 at 3:47 pm #

    I’ve recently come into approx 1200-1400 sports cards. (Baseball Football Basketball). Have skimmed over a few. Found some on EBay as high as $45. I’m sure most are very ordinary. All are in pristine shape. Most in plastic jackets.
    How do I go about selling them?