What’s In 2023 Topps Chrome Update?

A recent solicitation from Topps revealed what the hobby has been waiting for since the announcement of the MLB Debut patches at the beginning of the Major League Baseball season in April. Those patches are making their highly anticipated appearance in 2023 Topps Chrome Update Baseball.

Based on what I read from the solicitation, Topps says they will showcase these as 1/1 rookie patch autos in Chrome Update.

Thanks to Topps social media team, we have how these 1/1 RPA’s will look, and who is on the checklist. I’d argue the highlights are Jordan Walker and Masataka Yoshida. You can take a look at the checklist and design below.

2023 Topps Chrome Update has a lot more to offer this year as a hobby, and a hobby jumbo version, will be released later this fall. The hobby will include a bunch of new refractor parallels and one autograph per box, while jumbo will carry the same refractors, but three autos per box.

We’ll come back to the refactors momentarily, sit tight, but I think a big focus that needs attention is the new inserts in both hobby and jumbo.

Short prints have taken over the hobby, and I would argue rival pulling an auto in 2023. You’ll recall that in Topps Chrome, we saw the likes of Ultraviolet, Hidden Gems, Tacofractors, and Frozenfractors. Update literally comes with an updated list of short prints. The first batter up is the Crushed case hit, which will feature some of the premiere power hitters in the league, and, by the looks of the solicitation sheets, will be hobby-exclusive.

Now, the rest of the lineup you’ll be able to catch in both hobby and jumbo. How about a little alliteration with Diamond Dominance. I feel like that’s pretty self-explanatory as well. They are listed as super limited with no pack odds given. Also listed as super limited with no pack odds, at the moment, is Let’s Go, which doesn’t have an image on the solicitation, but does have a red /5 refractor parallel. Radiating Rookies will carry over as a super limited set from Topps Chrome.

Not listed under super limited, but also a card with not a large print run is Celebracion numbered /99. Those will carry a gold /50, orange /25, red /5, and 1/1 Superfractor parallel.

2023 Topps Chrome Update Baseball Hobby

And since we’re talking about Superfractors, all the other inserts I mentioned before will have that gold vinyl parallel.

Oh, and I’m going to double down here like I did with Bowman Chrome U Football and say there will be Hidden Gems, book it!

As I continue to read through the solicitation here, I realized that the Frozenfractors I also mentioned before will be back in Update as a jumbo-exclusive variation numbered out of -5, yes, -5.

Other chase elements in Chrome Update include the coveted autographs. I’m excited to share that dual and triple autographs are new to this product, and pictured in the solicitation is a monster triple with standout rookies Corbin Carroll, Michael Harris II, and Jordan Walker. Another auto insert that’s pictured is the Action Stars /25. It’s taking big leaguers and making them look like they’re on a Steven Seagal movie poster.

Alright, let’s put a nice little bow on this with the refractors. I’m going to highlight the new parallels in hobby and hobby jumbo. First up are the base ones. New ones featured in both hobby and jumbo include prism, negative, magenta, magenta/purple lava lamp, aqua/blue lava lamp, blue/green lava lamp, orange, and red/orange lava lamp which are /10. Green and gold mini diamond are hobby-exclusive.

Autograph parallels new to this will be refractor, purple speckle, purple, aqua wave, blue, blue raywave, gold wave, orange waveand red wave. jumbo does have a black and white mini diamond exclusive.

The last thing that caught my eye here is the printing plates. The base printing plates are still 1/1, but the autograph printing plates are out of four. I assume that there is an auto variation for each of the four printing plate colors, and instead of each being 1/1, it’s just a run out of four.

So take this info with you, and do what you will with it until 2023 Topps Chrome Update drops. Soak up the knowledge , become a master of this set, flex all these facts at parties.

2023 Topps Chrome Update Baseball Jumbo

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