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Topps featured 200 different MLB players in the Tacofractor insert set in 2023 Topps Chrome Baseball and 99 players, with five Wild Cards, of the Tacofractor in 2023 Topps Cosmic Chrome Baseball this summer, each with five copies.

Now, if you pulled or bought one of these SSP Tacofractors, Topps is finally explaining what you can redeem them for.

For years, Taco Bell has worked alongside Major League Baseball to add a little craziness to The Fall Classic with their “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” promotion, which allowed Taco Bell Rewards Program members to snag one Doritos Locos Taco the day after a player on either team in the World Series stole a base.

You’ve probably noticed Topps has upped the ante on hobby promotions as of late, like the Wembanyama “1st Card I Ever Signed” sweepstakes, so the “Steal Taco Bell For Life” offer doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Mmhmm, you read that correctly, for life. Here’s the drill. Similar to the other Taco Bell promotion, up to five collectors will have the opportunity to receive a digital Taco Bell gift card with a face value of $15,000 if they have the Tacofractor of the player who steals the first base during this year’s World Series and redeem it. You’ll also get a $5,250 check representing 35% of the gift card intended to help winners with tax liability.

“But what about the Tacofractor Wild Card?” Topps says if a player other than a player featured on a Tacofractor steals the first base and you have the Wild Card, you can redeem it for the award.

It’s not necessarily a cheap entry into the “Steal Taco Bell For Life” giveaway. Ebay sales in the past few weeks of players still in the postseason with Tacofractors include Bryce Harper for $3,699, Adley Rutschman for $7,200, and Mookie Betts for $1,075. Not to mention, a Wild Card from Cosmic Chrome went for $11,211, nearly the price of the digital gift card.

Check the list of players still eligible for this promotion in Topps Chrome right here, and from Topps Cosmic Chrome, here. For more information on rules and eligibility, click here.

Oh, and could you eat $15,000 worth of T Bell?

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