Topps redemptions now have 10-year expiration window

As people who work with sports cards every day and as collectors, we know how touchy of a subject redemption cards can be. Well, the conversation just got a little easier, thanks to Topps.

On Monday, during the Industry Conference in Atlanta, Topps released a post on X announcing redemptions will now have a 10-year expiration window instead of two years.

Topps also decided to backdate this program to all cards from 2021/22 to the present day, and the 10-year window will stay true no matter what the expiration date says on the card.

Collectors shared generally positive reactions to the announcement in the comments.

“The first step with any major issue is acknowledging the issue. Thanks for doing this! #Topps,” one user wrote. “This is a positive step forward to help address a major pain point for collectors,” another added.

Active redemptions currently sit below 10,000, down from more than 70,000 a year ago, Topps also mentioned in the post on X.

“Year over year, the amount of redemption cards going into products is down substantially,” Topps said. “We plan to make even more progress in the near future, and we look forward to keeping you updated along the way.”

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