Happy Little Accident: Topps x Bob Ross’s “Joy of Baseball”

If you grew up in the early 80s or 90s, you know how iconic the canvas and afro of painter Bob Ross are.

From time to time, my nana and mom will still share how well I would behave and how enthralled I was when they’d sit me in front of the TV as a little guy while I watched programs like The Joy of Painting, which I did not realize ran for 31 seasons!

Here’s a collaboration I didn’t know I needed. Topps and Bob Ross’s estate are teaming up to present a set appropriately titled “The Joy Of Baseball.” It’s hitting Topps.com today at noon Eastern.

Being a big fan of Bob Ross, I may be biased, but this wasn’t just a happy accident. These cards are sick. They take the MLB stars of the past, present, and future and pose them in front of Ross’s alluring landscape paintings.

There aren’t too many details, but I can tell you the Collector’s Edition Box holds two autos, and there is one auto in every four Happy Little Boxes.

Each pack will hold a numbered parallel or short print, and Bob Ross himself will have a super short print that looks like it’s from Topps’ flagship baseball product.

So, no word yet on how much the Collector’s Edition or Happy Little Box will be, but you better believe I will be trying to cop one tomorrow!

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