Pirrip joins set of The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy hump day everyone! Another episode of The Chase is in the books, and what a show it was. Today we had our first virtual box rip giveaway commentator, and it was the junk wax connoisseur himself Brian Pirrip. Pirrip is known for his various content on TikTok, Insta and more where he goes to obscure locations around the globe and rips packs!

Pirrip took us on an adventure through some of his journeys in the hobby, including rips at the Grand Canyon, in the Louisiana Bayou and even the home of Ken Griffey Jr. Despite the hobby not being his full-time business, Pirrip said the inspiration began with a road trip around the country where he and his buddies decided to spend the money they’d usually use on rent and dedicate it towards hotels, gas and packs as they hit the road. 

“The hobby has always just been something that’s been a common thread across my whole life,” Pirrip said. 

Pirrip added that he’s lived in many different places around the world and hitting local card shops and ripping packs were really his common ground that he could always rely on wherever he landed. 

While he was on the world tour of sorts, Pirrip acknowledged that he met a ton of card collectors who would always gain curiosity once he began ripping packs. 

Pirrip also mentioned some interesting places he’s ripped packs, including the Grand Ole Opry during a ZZ Top concert, sand dunes in Colorado, paragliding over Malibu and surrounded by gators in the Louisiana Bayou. 

He added he’d be taking a trip close to the Dave & Adam’s facility this summer and mentioned he and The Chase crew may have to take a trip to Niagara Falls and rip packs there. Cave of the Winds? Maid of the Mist? The opportunities are endless. 

One of Pirrip’s favorite moments along his journey in the hobby is the time he got to rip packs with his favorite baseball player growing up, Mark Grace. 

“I knew I was driving through Phoenix and I had a buddy who knows him and I said, ‘Hey, any chance Mark would be down to rip a box from his rookie year?’ Sure enough, the next day there I was in Phoenix opening up packs of the rookie year of my favorite player from when I was a kid … and here I am at his home ripping packs looking to find his rookie card,” Pirrip said. 

Despite being a vintage guy, Pirrip admitted he had an itch to rip the new Bowman Chrome, which is one of his favorite products. He said he recently ripped a box while eating pizza and watching Braveheart. 

Pirrip also gave a sneak peek into some of his future work. He said he’s in the process of creating some “mind-blowing” displays for cards that he mentioned have gotten the approvals of Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter. 

To see the whole interview and his commentary of our box rip giveaway, click here!

Additionally, check out Pirrip’s content on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Also on The Chase …

As a way to segway to the box rip giveaway, Pirrip stuck around and watched us rip some 1996 Pinnacle Premium Stock Football where we pulled some of the legendary rookie class, as well as the sought-after Brett Favre cheesehead insert. 

Some of the rookies we pulled include Marvin Harrison, Keyshawn Johnson, Mike Alstott, Terry Glenn, Eric Moulds and more. Additionally, there were two peel cards, on top of the two Favre cheesehead cards. 

To enter the giveaway, comment on the YouTube video what your favorite junk wax pack of all time is.

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Whoever pulls the most superfractors out of their 25 cases, wins!

If Blez pulls the most superfractors, Dave & Adam’s will randomly give two of the customers in Blez’s break each a case of Bowman Chrome.

One customer will get a Hobby case and the other will get an HTA case. And vice versa if Dave & Adam’s scores more superfractors.

But what about a tie you ask? Then both teams will randomly give two of their customers a case of Bowman Chrome Hobby or HTA.

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