Connor of We The Hobby joins The Chase

WWE & Panini clash in court

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Good afternoon, collectors. 

Today on The Chase, we welcomed Connor of We The Hobby on to the broadcast. Connor is the head breaker with We The Hobby. 

We got to discuss everything that Connor and We The Hobby are up to in the hobby, and of course get to know all the football they have been ripping lately. 

We The Hobby is also very new and upcoming in the hobby, so we discussed how important exposure in the hobby is, such as going to shows. 

Connor also gave us his background in the hobby and how he’s been into cards “since he could remember.”

In other topics, there have been four identical superfractors come from 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball, which has definitely stirred up mixed reactions in the hobby. We had a lengthy discussion on the matter that you won’t want to miss. 

Additionally, Troy gave a good insight as to what is going on between the WWE and Panini, after a court denied the WWE’s temporary restraining order against Panini. 

Also, congratulations to gtrainn on Twitch who was today’s lucky winner of a box of 2022/23 Upper Deck SPx Hockey box that was released today. 

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