‘The Chase’ Crew Is Joined by Layton Breaker Forrest Moons & Pulls 1/1 Corral RPA

By David Yarger

“The Chase” Co-Host

Panthers rookie QB card comes from Panini Chronicles Draft Picks box 

Friday morning, “The Chase” had its first big pull in the show’s young history.

During the show, the crew was going through its daily rip and low and behold, the crew pulled a one of one Matt Corral rookie patch auto. The card features Corral in his Ole Miss uniform and the patch is parts of the SEC logo.

Troy Licastro, the one who pulled the card, slow rolled and peeked the card before saying, “Oh, my god. It’s a one of one.” Much to the excitement of the crew in the studio.

The card, which came from the 2022 Panini Chronicles Draft Pick box, is part of “The Chase” daily giveaway. People interested in the giveaway can comment on the YouTube video saying “America” to be entered to win.

The pull also garnered great reactions from the Twitch livestream chat, including many new entries to the giveaway.

The crew, for majority of the time, was speechless and said “Oh my goodness,” several times.

Reacting to the pull, Licastro said  on the show, “This is the chef’s kiss, as the kids would say. That’s amazing, I love that. One of one. I was like, ‘Alright, cool, this is a fat patch auto.’ Then I snuck it and looked. … We’re chasing baby. We’re chasing one of ones. We’re getting in the mix now. … We want some one of one fun.”

After the show, co-host David Yarger said, “Not going to lie, I was shocked and kind of jealous Troy got to pull it. But overall, that is just a sweet card and someone is going to be really lucky to have it.”

Director of Content Production Tyler Prigionieri added, “This is exactly what we hope to do on the show – that’s pulling great cards and sharing the joy of collecting with our viewers and community. Here at Dave & Adam’s, we pride ourselves in bringing great customer service when it comes to the card business, and we strive to talk and connect with collectors. We hope that the card gets into the hands of a lucky and true hobbyist.”

There is still time to win the Corral one of one, in addition to 95 other cards from the 2022 Panini Chronicles Draft Picks pack. Make sure to comment on the YouTube video “America” to be entered to win.

The winner of Friday’s show giveaway will be announced near the beginning of Wednesday’s episode. Tune on the Dave & Adam’s Card World Twitch stream here.

Layton breaker joins ‘The Chase’

Friday morning, “The Chase” crew got the chance to sit down with Forrest Moons of Layton Sports Cards. Moons is a breaker for Layton who recently pulled a rare and, honestly, random card.

During his 2021 Flawless Football break, Moons pulled a legendary 1/1 cut auto of John Madden. This wasn’t just a normal auto either. The auto seems to be on an Outback Steakhouse menu or cookbook page, but the true spot couldn’t be determined.

Madden, a hall of fame football coach and commentator, recently passed away on Dec. 28, 2021. He had an overall record of 112-39-7 as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, including a Super Bowl title in 1976. Madden then began his historic broadcasting career in 1979, where he was in the booth until his final game – Super Bowl XLIII between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers – in 2009. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

He is also known for lending his name to the illustrious EA Sports Madden NFL video games, that still come out every year to date.

Back to Moons, he said he got his start at Layton helping to sort and ship, before his knowledge and fandom of sports led him to begin breaking. He added that his experience handling cards, watching breaks and other experiences at Layton helped his breaking career click.

Moons said, growing up, he was a big fan of the Madden video games and played more in his teen days.

Of late, there have been some random pulls name wise. Recently there was a Rosa Parks cut auto, a Shirley Temple cut auto and now the big name Madden cut auto. Moons agreed it was one of the more unique pulls he’s ever seen.

“Random, I’d say, yeah. I went to try and find comps on it and kind of asked around just to see how rare it was, and it seems to be really rare. There’s not a lot of Madden signatures even really at all out there. Obviously, he had been older for a while and out of broadcasting for a while before his passing. So I think the card is pretty rare, even for a cut auto and it has to be random,” Moons said.

As for the break, Moons said this one was a pick your team break and came from one of the first few cases they broke. Somebody watching the break purchased the Raiders and since Madden coached the Raiders, that’s the team that was on Madden’s card.

“They were thrilled, needless to say,” Moons said. “They’ve joined a few breaks before, and they’ve purchased from us before, but they don’t have a very long history of joining. They were in the chat that day and they were pretty stoked about the hit.”

For more information regarding Layton Sports Cards, click here.

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