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Lil Pullman joins ‘The Chase’

Lil Pullman joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”


Friday morning, “The Chase” crew concluded its series of interviews from the National with the one and only Lil Pullman from House of Waxx.

Lil Pullman, also known as Chase, had an incredible rise to fame in the hobby and gained traction quite quickly. On Instagram, he currently has 21.7K followers and consistently updates his feed with content. The breaker and operator of House of Waxx thoroughly enjoys ripping open prestigious product.

Back in the day, he said his favorite thing to do was go to Target and buy Pokemon cards and that’s how his collecting and interest in the hobby came to fruition.

Once he got into high school, he said he began getting into sneakers – buying and selling them.

“I was good at finding the new trends and hopping on the new hot stuff,” he said. “And when I was a kid, I was always a hustler in school flipping potato chips or a snickers bar or M&M’s.”

From there, his sister’s boyfriend owned a shoe store and his business partner, Mikey from Pull Wax, … said ‘I think you’d be a good fit for the brand, I want you to work for me.’ So I worked there for about a year, year and a half and then November of 2020 I branched off and Lil Pullman started,” he said.

As far as the nickname goes, he acquired it, naturally, from ripping cards one day.

“We were breaking at Mike’s house and one of his clients came over and I was sitting at the desk breaking the cards like this. … At the time, I was like 16 years old, so the guy was like ‘he’s little and he’s pulling cards. Boom, his name is Lil Pullman.’ He just came up with it on the spot, so we made the Instagram account and that’s how we came up with Lil Pullman,” he said.

With most breakers, it takes time to gain some popularity on the socials. For Lil Pullman, he said he was the rare occasion where his fame took off immediately. He said his crew pulled a huge Luka Doncic card that got eyes on him, and then he did an interview with his local news station that caught the attention of many.

Chase added, there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes of breaking cards.

“I work 18 hours a day, literally,” he said. “There’s so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes that the average viewer or buyer does not see. I don’t even know where to start. The shipping alone takes hours, the sorting, packaging – making sure all the cards are packaged perfectly in their client’s package – putting stickers in the package, managing eight different employees, paying the eight different employees, accounting, inventory, buying, selling, and wholesale.”

Lil Pullman added, to manage all these ventures, he has five cell phones to help the business run smoothly – one being a personal line, three business phones and then one phone for content purposes.

At the young age of 19, Chase admitted, his rise to stardom was a little much to handle at a young age, but he was happy to see how he’sd grown over time.

“From when I started until now, I grew really quick. And, at first, I wasn’t able to handle it, because it was too much and I was much younger back then. But I grew really, really quick and it literally jumped from like a zero to a 10 in the matter of two months. I was slammed every single day. I was like ‘Oh, my god. This is serious.’ ”

Pullman praised his surrounding support staff, claiming he has the best team to work with. He admitted, it was weird at times being so young and in charge of employees who were older than him, but he added they’ve all been tremendous helps on his journey.

For all the youngsters out there looking to possibly start a business, take it from Lil Pullman. He simply said: “Be different.”

“The number one thing is to be different. Don’t be like everyone else, because it won’t stand out,” he said. “If you put 10 water bottles in a circle and they all have the yellow wrapping on it, no one’s going to know what the difference is. If you put a blue one in the middle – one blue and nine yellow ones – someone’s gonna question what’s the blue one? Be different, don’t be like everybody else. Post content, interact with your clients, make sure to just have fun with it, honestly. Make sure you know what you’re buying and don’t over price or over sell certain things. Be real. Just love what you do, put passion and energy into it every single day.”

From there, Lil Pullman broke a couple boxes on “The Chase” set and nailed a Kevin Durant redemption.

For more from Lil Pullman, visit his Instagram.

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