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By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Monday everybody! Hope the weekend was spectacular for you! Big weekend in football with games on Saturday and Sunday! 

The crew got the week started off on the right foot with another episode of The Chase. Today, we welcomed David Gonos, card and collectibles columnist for The Athletic, to the show. 

Gonos has been a collector for some time now, as well as a writer for The Athletic. While he used to focus on fantasy sports with The Athletic, Gonos has turned his sights towards the collecting realm. 

With the holidays in full swing, Gonos recently published a collectors gift guide article, which gave hobbyists and friends and family of hobbyists ideas for the gifting season. He mentioned several ideas, including custom cards from Topps, which are sold for approximately $10. 

On top of everything, Gonos posts videos to his YouTube, which include his grading submissions. Recently, he submitted to HGA, but recently told The Chase that he is going to be submitting to SGC. The submission will include a James Harden rookie card amongst others. 

In addition to submitting to several grading companies, Gonos said his best experiences, so far, have been with SGC. 

“I have become an SGC fan,” Gonos said. “For a company that’s really looking out for what I want, or what I need, I feel like that’s SGC. I feel like they give you the speed, the price is good … consistent, reliable.”

Connecting collecting to fantasy, Gonos said an underrated player right now that people can pick up for the low would be Bol Bol of the Orlando Magic. The big man has had a terrific season and could make a run for the Most Improved Player of the Year, Gonos said. On top of that, his products are still fairly manageable and affordable. 

Most importantly, Gonos mentioned an upcoming “Packstravaganza” that he is hosting over the holiday season. Gonos said there will be 21 winners to kick off 2023, and for seven days he will rip packs and eventually giveaway a slabbed card!

For full details on Gonos’ “Packstravaganza,” check out his video!

Collectors who are looking to read more of Gonos’ material, as well as view his content, can expect to relate to Gonos, as he said he likes to focus on collectors working with a limited budget. 

“I’m always looking for the budget stuff to help people. Maybe it’s a retail thing, maybe it’s a low-price thing on Topps website, or something like that. That’s pretty much what I center my content around,” Gonos said. 

He added that he takes approximately an hour or two per day to do research on cards and products that eventually go into his content. 

Additionally, Gonos said the public reaction has been fairly positive to his content and a lot of people have appreciated his tips and recommendations.

To check out the full interview with Gonos, head to the YouTube video!

Additionally, to check out more of Gonos’ content, check out his website with links to his socials, as well as his YouTube page.

Also on The Chase

A few things from Goldin’s auction site turned heads over the weekend. First, a factory sealed case of 2017 National Treasures Football sold for $33,600. 2017 is the rookie season of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and one of the big possible hits is the Mahomes one of one shield.

Additionally on Goldin, Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball sold for $1.5 million. Originally, owner Corey Youmans was offered $3 million for the record-breaking home run ball, but declined, opting to head to auction. While leaving $1.5 million on the table, nevertheless, the historic home run ball is now off the market. 

Lastly, the crew ripped Topps Chrome Black Baseball, which resulted in some decent hits. Those included a Bobby Witt Jr. base rookie, Bryce Harper numbered to 50, a Tony Perez auto and a Kyle Tucker auto. 

These cards could be all yours, all you have to do is comment on the YouTube video what your favorite baseball movie of all time is. A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase!

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