The Great Curator joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend to all you chasers out there. The Chase wrapped up another week by welcoming on Daniel Nguyen, aka The Great Curator. 

Curator is now a part of the two-time guest club for the show, and today he discussed a recent journey he embarked on. 

Nguyen recently traveled to three countries in Asia – Japan, South Korea and Thailand – and got to discover different aspects of the hobby. Along his journey, he said he got to meet new people and get to know what is really popular on the hobby scene overseas. 

One of the most intriguing finds he mentioned was the appearance of sumo cards. Yes, you heard that right, sumo cards. Nguyen mentioned that the “autos” were actually handprints from the Sumos. Apparently, they dip their hand in ink and put their stamp on the card. 

Speaking of the trip, Nguyen said the trip was planned by his wife after he spent the majority of 2022 taking her their daughter to card shows.  

“While we were out there, I took advantage of being out there and I was trying to find as much hobby content as I could to film and explore,” he said. “You can’t ever get away from the hobby.”

While Nguyen mentioned there were plenty of differences in the hobby between Asia and the states, he added that there are still a lot of similarities at the same time. 

“As different as these other countries are, they’re not that different from us here in America. … No matter where you come from (or) what language you speak, we all have a common interest and that is collecting,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what we collect … if you go to these places, you see there is this common passion that people have. They all just love to collect in the hobby. And we all collect for different reasons, but it all comes from a passion of collecting. 

“It made me realize that everywhere in the world, no matter where you are, who you come from, how much money you have, it doesn’t matter – everywhere in the world people love to collect stuff. It’s in our human nature to want to find something we enjoy and want a little piece of it and want to share it with other people.”

Nguyen said the moment of realization took him to “hobby enlightenment” and that people need to realize the hobby is really an escape from reality for most people. 

To hear all about Nguyen’s journey and the full interview, head to the YouTube replay.

And to check out more of The Great Curator’s content, head to his Instagram  and YouTube.

Also on The Chase

Following the interview with Nguyen, the crew ripped a box of the new 2022 Phoenix Football. The hits were phenomenal, but none came close to topping the last pull of the break! If you watched live, you seen it! We pulled a Kenny Pickett RPA out of 99. It was also Captain’s lone pack that he ripped, and it was the biggest card. 

Overall though, there were plenty of rookies and numbered cards. In order to win, head to the YouTube replay and comment what you would put as a background on any parallel. A winner will be announced on Monday’s episode of The Chase. 

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