Marino of Mint Collective joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

It’s hump day everyone! You know what that means – no, not that it’s almost the weekend, it means another episode of The Chase is in the archives. 

Today the crew welcomed David Marino onto the broadcast. Marino is the head of business development at Collectable, but is also one of the key components that help run the Mint Collective. 

The Mint Collective is a gathering of sorts for the hobby where there are panels, work sessions, a card show and much more. The show is scheduled for March 20 to April 2 in Las Vegas. 

The event is also a way for hobbyists to have conversations with industry leaders and influencers to talk about the ever changing and growth of the hobby. 

For Marino, he said the Mint really provides something for everyone. 

“Realistically, it’s an opportunity to share perspective, to learn, but it’s also an opportunity to get together with people, to network – connectivity is a key pillar of the event. I think that from an experience standpoint, there’s something for everybody there. There’s the cards aspect of it, there’s the networking aspect of it, the traditional thought-leadership, etc. But the marketplace is also a part of it. For collectors, it’s a place for trading, buying, (and) selling. It really is something for everybody,” Marino said. 

Marino said it’s an event similar to National where you can collect obscure cards, but also engage with key leaders from big industries in the hobby at the same time. 

Additionally at the Mint this year, collectors will be able to grade their cards on site, Marino said. On top of that, he said the floor will be loaded with vendors that will be ready to buy, sell and trade. 

What’s new for 2023? Marino said the Mint has shifted from traditional panels to panels and workshops, including different brands such as Collectable, Card Ladder, Topps, CSG, Bullpen and more. 

While the floor will be expanding this year to almost the whole first floor of the MGM Convention Center, Marino said the collectors carnival will return from last year on top of the show adding an additional day.

As the show continues to grow and expand, Marino said a lot of time, effort and work goes into producing the overall experience of the Mint Collective. 

“It takes a lot of time and a lot of people with invested interest in creating something that’s there for people to enjoy. A lot of people think that this is a highly lucrative endeavor. Frankly, this is an endeavor that is very much repaid by people enjoying the experience,” he said. “Mint Collective is more so about everyone having a voice, everyone having a space and building upon what the future of the industry looks like.”

To see the full interview with Marino, check out the YouTube replay!

Additionally, for more information on the Mint, check out their website.

Also on The Chase

Following the interview with Marino, the crew ripped a box of the new Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome Baseball. The hits weren’t bad, as we pulled a Julio Rodriguez mini rookie variation, in addition to an Adolis Garcia out of 99, Landon Donovan mini out of 50, Lou Gehrig out of 199 and then a Bob Feller out of 150. 

To win all of the cards, comment on the YouTube replay if you would rip one of the A&G Dare to Tear cards. Would you rip it, or let it be?  

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