Carly of She_Breaks joins ‘The Chase’

Diamond Icons diamond winner also visits the studio

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Happy Monday, world. After a weekend filled with some NFL opening week action, “The Chase” was back in action for another kickoff to the week. Today the crew welcomed Carly of @She_Breaks on Instagram and TikTok to the show, in addition to the Diamond Icons diamond winner, Shane. 

Shane was one of the lucky participants in the Diamond Icons break we did just over a month ago. At the end of the break, he was the lucky pick of the random for the 1.4 carat diamond. 

Shane said his love of collecting started young with hockey and Pokémon cards, as he grew up, due to financial limitations, he skewed away from the hobby until he got a job after college and began getting into cards once again. Currently, he said he’s into baseball, hockey and TCG. 

Shane added that he’s a Mariners fan and has and Ichiro collection and continues to scour for some Julio Rodriguez cards. 

As far as joining the Diamond Icons break, Shane said he thought it would be a fun opportunity to join and he jumped on it. 

“I wanted to buy a whole box myself, to be completely honest,” he said. “I figured I was going to watch it anyway, so I might as well have some stake in the game. The whole diamond thing was a cherry on top.”

He added, his three favorite cards from the break were the one of one Ken Griffey Jr. dual patch auto, the Ichiro auto and the J-Rod auto. 

Once he heard his name on the random for the diamond, he admitted it caught him off guard. 

“It’s funny, I was watching the whole break and it was towards the end when the very last set of names were being drawn. I remember not getting the Griffey card or anything like that, so I went to go do a little computer repair … and I said to my friend ‘what are the odds?’ I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at that point, because I obviously didn’t think I’d win. Then I heard my name called and I was like, wait is that my name?” he said with a laugh. “(I was like) no way. I was ecstatic. I didn’t really know how to react at first. Probably one of the luckiest moments I’ve ever had.”

Shane said he’s not sure what his plans are with the diamond long term, but he has several ideas for what the future could hold for it. 

Carly of @She_Breaks

We were fortunate enough to have Carly on the show Monday. If you don’t know, Carly posts hobby content on her Insta and TikTok, from Q&A sessions with collectors, to trades, to even just some of the big hits she has pulled or purchased. 

Carly said she got into collecting by just kind of dipping her toes into the water, before deciding to buy into her first-ever break, which was a basketball mixer.

“It was a bunch of random products and it was random teams. So I got assigned the Golden State Warriors, which I was pretty happy with it, but throughout the break I got like no cards, so I was pretty sad I had no cards. Then, the last card that was pulled for the whole break was a Flawless Collegiate box, and the last card that was pulled was a one of one RPA of James Wiseman,” she said. “It had the Nike swoosh, little stars swatch, so after that, I was like ‘Wow, this is pretty cool.’ ”

She added that she’d witnessed her boyfriend buying boxes of baseball cards and wondered why he’d spend the money on them, but soon realized why he was doing so. 

Currently, Carly is a big basketball fan, more specifically a fan of the Dallas Mavericks and Luka Doncic, which she said is a big part of her personal collection. Currently, her favorite Doncic piece is a Luke Choice out of Prizm, which was graded a 10 by PSA. 

Another thing about Carly is she loves card shows and tries to go to as many shows as possible. She added, it’s one of the things she admires most about the hobby. 

“I honestly love going to card shows. I’ve had the opportunity to go to card shows all across the U.S. and it’s really cool to reconnect with people that I’ve seen across the U.S., reconnect and see everyone doing what they love,” Carly said. 

As far as her social media presence, Carly said she enjoys mixing up her content, going from posting pictures of cards, to Q&A and other various videos. Since beginning to post videos, she said she’s seen a boost in her following. 

“I just think it kind of appeals to more people and when you follow a bunch of card accounts, it can get pretty repetitive seeing just pictures of cards over and over. So it does appeal to people and (it’s good) to just mix it up,” Carly said. 

Digging deeper, when some people think of the typical collector, they may think of a male figure. For Carly, she said she enjoys seeing more females becoming a part of the hobby community. 

“It’s really cool to see,” she said. “I went to the National last year and this year, and even comparing it to last year, I definitely think I saw more women just walking around the hobby and feeling it out. So it was cool to see from last year an increase in women in the hobby.”

And as far as interested women looking to join the hobby community, Carly said, “Just go for it.”

She added, there’s a few different types of people in the hobby, between collectors and investors and such, so she recommended starting as a collector is the way to go. 

“Find something that you like to collect – a player or a team – and just start collecting that, and then if you want to transition into investing or flipping, go for it. Sports cards are pretty cool and pretty rewarding. (You) can put as much time and money into it. There’s no kind of cap on it,” she said. 

To check out more of Carly’s content, check out her Insta and TikTok.

Also on “The Chase” …

Monday, the crew fittingly ripped the new Panini Elite Football box to keep the football trend flowing following a Sunday slate of games. 

The product was full of decent hits, including two Alec Pierce autos, a Gabriel Davis patch and multiple numbered parallels. 

These can all be yours, but before they get intercepted from you, make sure you comment on the YouTube video with who you feel was the MVP for week one of the NFL season. 

A winner will be chosen on Wednesday’s episode of “The Chase”

Additionally, over the weekend, Luke and I had the opportunity to travel to New York City and break Museum Collection Baseball at Yankee Stadium. We also had the chance to meet a ton of people and hand out free packs to kids. We played a teaser of the content on the show, but Wednesday will show the full display of content. 

Additionally, congrats to Sean Atchinson, who was the lucky  winner of the big hits from Museum Collection, including the big Cal Ripken Jr. auto!

For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit or visit all the social media platforms here.      

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