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Carly of She_Breaks joins ‘The Chase’

Diamond Icons diamond winner also visits the studio By David Yarger Co-Host “The Chase” Happy Monday, world. After a weekend filled with some NFL opening week action, “The Chase” was back in action for another kickoff to the week. Today the crew welcomed Carly of @She_Breaks on Instagram and TikTok to the show, in addition […]

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Betau & Loney of Cardsmiths join ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger Co-Host “The Chase” It’s Wednesday and “The Chase” is back after a long Labor Day weekend. As we steadied back into action, the crew welcomed Jeff Betau and Steve Loney on the show from Cardsmiths.  If you didn’t know, Cardsmiths is an interesting company who uses creative designs and art work based […]

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Mann of CollX joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger Co-Host “The Chase” Another Monday means another edition of “The Chase” is in the books.  Monday morning, the crew got to chat with CEO and Co-Founder of CollX Ted Mann. Mann helped start up the new app, which is a hit for anybody in the hobby.  With CollX, you have the ability […]

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