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By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Happy Friday, y’all. Yagabomb was finally back and was sure happy to be here after a nice vacay to Vegas for the Industry Summit. It was an awesome time, very informative and I got to meet a ton of people in the hobby. Overall, it was an A+ experience. 

Enough about me though, let’s get to who we had on the show today. The week cap off featured Nick Becvar of Best Card Breaks who told one of the more emotional stories the show has ever had. 

While I was personally watching a break of Becvar’s last Monday, Nick pulled a Rookie auto Blue Refractor Parallel of Kansas City Royals sensation Bobby Witt Jr. It may just seem like another redemption out of 2022 Topps Chrome to some, but the card had some deep, deep context. 

After it was pulled, Becvar began to get emotional. The owner of the Royals was Timothy Switzer, and what many didn’t know was Switzer had been going through a very tough time in life. 

To backtrack a little, Switzer had got to know Becvar approximately two years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic. Switzer, who resides in Australia, admitted, during the pandemic, he began to lose touch with the world, due to stricter restrictions in the country, and was also dealing with something close to the heart. 

Switzer’s wife was dealing with cancer. 

Trying to help bring some entertainment and joy to Switzer, his buddies got him into the card hobby and he began observing the U.S. breaking scene. 

Switzer then found Becvar, and it was the first American breaker he began to do business with. 

As time went on, the hobby became a way for Switzer to escape, but as things continued, Switzer’s wife also started to become interested in the hobby. The duo began opening boxes together, creating personal collections and also watching Becvar’s Best Card Breaks. 

Unfortunately for Switzer, his wife passed away a little over two weeks ago due to cancer. 

After hearing the news, Becvar reached out and offered Switzer a complimentary spot in the Chrome break. Switzer refused to take it for free, realizing it’s a business, but Becvar insisted, until Switzer sent a little bit of cash his way anyways. 

“I seen a post of his on Facebook where he just posted about 50 pictures of his wife and their family. And he just went through and hit on some memories with him and his wife. I sent him a message after I saw that … I said, ‘Hope you guys are doing OK or as good as you can be doing considering the circumstances, I have a Topps Chrome break with a handful of teams left, grab one on me. Have a break on me to kind of take your mind off things,” Becvar said.

Becvar added, it shows what type of man Switzer is not taking a free spot, because he said “you have a family to support too.” Becvar added, after Switzer took the Royals, he got the feeling they’d pull a Witt Jr.   

Once the Witt Jr. was pulled, Becvar began to tear up and explained the reason for his emotions. After it was announced what had happened, many in the break began an outcry of support for Switzer. 

“Immediately, just picturing, you know, them sitting together watching the break. The initial excitement, I get pretty excited for big hits and I’m like ‘We hit a Bobby Witt Jr.’ and then ‘Timothy!’ And then it just hit. I couldn’t compose myself just thinking about the whole situation and she was so young and kind of going through the whole thing with him, checking in how they were doing,” Becvar said. “It was a really emotional moment and it just made you feel like she was watching. She’s still there watching him and watching the break and seeing all this stuff happened. It was great to have that big hit for him, to really enjoy that moment with him on the other side of the camera.”

Fast forward one night, Switzer got into another random team break of Chrome. The random team he received? The Seattle Mariners. 

The big hit of Chrome is Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez. Becvar had finally pulled a J-Rod auto the night prior and he was ecstatic. 

After a big pull the night before, guess what happened during this break?

Becvar pulled not one, but two J-Rod autos for Switzer. Just absolute insanity.
“He did get the Mariners in the random and (it was) just the most unbelievable case of Topps Chrome with the two J-Rod autos. I really didn’t know what to think after that,” Becvar said. “Even just messaging him after, like ‘Dude, that’s fate.’ ”

And after the news got out, Switzer received a ton of messages of love and support from those in the card community. Becvar said it speaks to how caring and much of a family the hobby community is. 

“I call Best Card Breaks a community. It’s the Best Card Breaks community. We’re here to enjoy the hobby together, we’re here to leave the drama at the door … we’re in this for the hobby, we’re in this to enjoy the moment, we’re in this to enjoy the sports and seeing all the support… all the comments and just people he doesn’t even know just saying sorry for your loss and wishing him the best. It’s just great to see people coming together and supporting each other in dark times,” he said. 

To find more on Becvar and Best Card Breaks, check out his socials here.

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Today, we also ripped some 2022 Prizm Baseball and what a box it was. There were two Lars Nootbaar rookie autos – one out of 75 and the other out of 25 – in addition to a Stephen Ridings auto out of 50. Aside from the autos, there was a J-Rod and Wander Franco rookie bases, two Fernando Tatis Jr. stained glass cards and last, but certainly not least, we pulled a tiger striped Bryce Harper card!

Remember, all these can be yours, just comment on the YouTube video the two teams you feel will make the World Series this fall. 

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