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By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Happy Monday everybody, the weekend was wild indeed, but we were back with another Monday edition of “The Chase.” Today the crew had Coach KOE on the broadcast as he discussed an arrangement of topics within the hobby. In addition to having an impeccable mustache and being a personal trainer, Coach KOE brings a “King of Everything” type mentality to the plate and is not afraid to keep things real when it comes to certain areas of the hobby. 

After becoming laid off around COVID, he said he took the opportunity to lean on himself and begin building his brand. 


“I kind of leaned on this notion of having that king of everything mentality. That’s not to say I think I’m about anybody, but I just think that if you bring a certain energy where like anything is possible you can get stuff done,” he said of the name Coach KOE. 

When it comes to the hobby, Coach has a fairly large TikTok following. He said after he was laid off, he began to fill his life with things he truly wanted and that brought him joy. 

“Some of my fondest memories as a kid and as a young adult … was collecting of all kinds,” he said. 

Coach mentioned he has a pretty diverse jersey collection, card collection and sticker collection. 

Now while some may not see too many similarities between training and the card hobby, Coach is the opposite and sees similar parallels between the two in his experiences teach about both, training and the hobby. 

“Everyone wants to get to where they want to be as quickly as humanly possible. And it’s just an unnatural progression, right? When you start chasing the best way to do this or the best way to 10x your investment in a sports card, those are the ones that end up tanking. If you’re the follower of trends, I find, oftentimes,  you’re at the butt end of them,” he said. “I’d rather you put in your own work and see who you like … and find areas of opportunity that way.” 

Coach admitted, taking his hobby life and combining it with learning TikTok and social media in depth was a terrifying transition, because he had limited social media experience in his past. 

“When I first started, one of the things that kind of held me back, was I was scared of getting hateful comments or people that opposed what I was thinking. I just really didn’t want to get into with people who are basically just trying to refute everything you say. Getting over that was a huge hurdle and once I did, there is a real lack of real out there.”

He added that a lot of content produced today is geared towards the current trends of the hobby, which he said nothing is wrong about that, but when it comes to having constructive criticism regarding the hobby, there is a lack of people willing to dive into that conversation, and that’s what fuels his content. 

Coach also said, he believes the hobby has catapulted because of social media and how easy it is to just post at an instant. 

“I think having more people being truly authentic is huge. And not saying people are disingenuous … but I think people underestimate the fact that other people are people too and they feel most connected with you if you express some vulnerability or what you’re thinking and stuff of that nature versus just – I think a good chunk of card content is just showing of a mass of cards that most people will never own or come close to owning, which is great, I’m not saying don’t show off your collection – I think it comes down to dialogue and … we need to understand there’s a lot of kids in collecting, so we need to be more understanding of that,” he said. “Just acknowledging that a lot of the stuff you say could have a massive impact on a kid. For better or for worse, the sports card hobby is built by kids and will be continued by kids. So we just have to make sure that we are treating them and being good influencers for them.”

For more on Coach Koe, check out his Instagram and TikTok.  

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