DA Drops of the Week: 4/24-4/30

DA Drops is back like it never left. After a fantastic weekend of sports, we’re here to show what we have to look forward to this week in sports cards.

I think we’ll do things a little differently this time. We usually go sport by sport, but I think we’ll showcase the companies this time instead.

Grab some packs to rip while reading through this one. First up, Leaf!


Leaf has some baseball for us this week. Let’s check it out!

This Friday, April 27, Leaf is releasing its 2022 Autographed Baseball Edition.

Leaf says this release includes a fun mix of Hall of Famers, current superstars, future stars, and a couple of non-baseball surprise signatures.

Each box will contain one signed official MLB baseball. Each case will have six signed baseballs.


Panini is unleashing some new product. We’re expecting the release of some baseball, basketball, football, and MMA from one of the hobby leaders. Let’s see just what they have in store.

A higher-end football product is due to release Wednesday, April 27. It’s the return of Panini One Football with the 2021 edition.

Panini says One will bring collectors one encased on-card auto per box, continuing the success from previous years.

The on-card autos will be from top NFL rookies, legends, and current stars.

Rookies in this product include Mac Jones, Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Trevor Lawrence, and more.

Panini also says all patch cards will feature prime and super-prime memorabilia, including 1/1 Shield Signatures featuring the classic NFL shield.

Chaseable opti-chrome inserts include Once Upon a Time Signatures, Precision Rookie Patch Autos, and Formula One Autographs.

For more information, click here.

A familiar brand to basketball fans in the hobby, Revolution Basketball will offer a variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts when it releases on Wednesday.

This release comes at the perfect time, as we are in the thick of the first round of NBA Playoffs that features NBA Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes and his squad, the Toronto Raptors.

Revolution holds more 2021 NBA Rookie standouts, including Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Josh Giddy, and Jalen Green.

Panini says each box includes four rookies, four inserts, and eight parallels, and collectors can chase after randomly inserted autographs from top superstars, legends, and rookies.

Collectors should look for brand-new super-short-printed Star Factor and Prime Time Performers. There’s also a variety of the inserts, including Astro, Groove, Fractal, Impact (#’d/149), Cosmic (#’d/99), NBA 75th Anniversary (#’d/75), Sunburst (#’d/60), Cubic (#’d/50), Lava (#’d/10), and Galactic.

There are eight packs per box and five cards per pack.

We’re taking you out to the ballpark with 2022 Panini Donruss Baseball due to hit shelves Friday.

Each box will have two autographs and a memorabilia card of fan-favorite players, legends, and star rookies.

Collectors will find classic inserts in the 2022 set like Dominator and Elite Series while adding new inserts like Bomb Squad and The Hit List.

Panini says there are 24 hobby exclusive Holo Blue parallels, four Independence Day parallels, and one Liberty parallel per box.

The company also says Retro 1998 Materials showcases top rookies and superstars on a classic Donruss design.

For a product breakdown, click here.

2022 Panini Prizm UFC is back with the Retail 24-Pack Box.

Prizm UFC Retail comes with exclusive Pink Pulsar Prizms #’d to 42 and Green Prizms.


The product features a plethora of other Prizm parallels, Panini says. New insert sets, Bonus Machines, and Prizm Flashback are also in the retail box.

New to 2022 Prizm UFC is unique parallels in Ruby Wave, Hyper, and Ice. Collectors, keep an eye out for a roster of rookies appearing in their first officially licensed UFC trading cards.


The NFL Draft is coming up toward the end of the week, and we are looking at the release of 2022 Sage High Series Football, with each box containing 16 total autographs.

Sage says collectors should look for gold-level autographed cards numbered to 100 and blue level 1/1 base autographs for every player.

You can also collect Next Level Signatures featuring on-card autographs and foiled parallels from top prospects.

Sage tells collectors to hunt for Sneak Peek autographs featuring Heisman winner Bryce Young and five-star auto/parallels featuring Brett Favre on-card signatures.

 Peak Performance Liquid Foil base, parallel, and autograph cards are also available, along with Artistry cards with parallels and auto versions.

High Series Football is 16 packs with seven cards per pack and will hit shelves Friday.


It looks as though Topps is also getting in on the pre-draft football product action with the drop of 2022 Bowman Chrome University Football on the 27th.

Topps says it’s brand new to the family of Bowman products and is debuting with a “booming list of football’s brightest young stars.”

According to Topps, Bowman Chrome University is a 100-card base set showcasing the top talent throughout college football. Topps says it also includes “sleek inserts and parallels.”

There is one shimmer refractor per box, exclusive to the hobby version of Bowman Chrome University. The colored shimmer refractors are all exclusive to the hobby version of the product. Additionally, there are two chrome autographs per box.

Collectors should also look for 2000 Bowman and Big Kahuna inserts.

For the product breakdown, click here.

Wizards of the Coast

Magic fans are anticipating the release of the new Streets of New Capenna set. 

This release comes in the form of Set, Draft, Bundle, and more.

We’ll break down each one for you below. Check out the details of the Streets of New Capenna:


  • [8] Streets of New Capenna Set Boosters
  • [20] foil land pack
  • [20] regular land pack
  • [1] foil promo card
  • [1] oversized Spindown life counter (1.5″)
  • [2] reference cards
  • [1] reusable storage box


  • [1] rare/mythic extended art card
  • [1] foil rare/mythic card
  • [9] foil common/uncommons
  • [3] showcase frame cards
  • [1] ancillary card
  • [1] foil token


Look for these cards:

  • Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
  • Smuggler’s Share
  • Bootleggers’ Stash
  • Luxior, Giada’s Gift
  • Anhelp, the Painte


Each Set Pack Contains:

  • [1] Streets of New Capenna art card
  • [1] Streets of New Capenna full-art basic land
  • [6] Streets of New Capenna thematically connected commons and uncommons
  • [1] Streets of New Capenna “head-turning” card
  • [2] Streets of New Capenna wildcard rarity cards
  • [1] Streets of New Capenna rare or mythic rare
  • [1] Streets of New Capenna guaranteed foil card
  • [1] token, ad card, or card from “The List”


  • 35 total cards from Streets of New Capenna
  • 1-2 rare or higher rarity card
  • The best Magic: The Gathering boosters for deck building

New Release Shopping Cart

2022 Leaf Autographed Baseball Edition Hobby Box

2022 Leaf Autographed Baseball Edition Hobby Box

Product Features
  • One Autographed Baseball per box!
$99.95 $94.95
2022 Leaf Stitches and Slabs Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Leaf Stitches and Slabs Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • One Autographed Jersey Per Box!
  • One Slabbed Buyback Card Per Box!
2022 Panini Donruss Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Panini Donruss Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • Two Autographs Per Box!
  • One Memorabilia Card Per Box!
  • 24 Hobby Exclusive Holo Blue Parallels Per Box!
  • Four Independence Day Parallels Per Box!
  • One Liberty Parallel Per Box!
$164.95 $149.95
2022 Sage High Series Football Hobby Box

2022 Sage High Series Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 16 Autographs Per Box!
  • 2 Hobby Base Parallel Cards Per Pack!
  • Collect Next Level Signatures!
$119.95 $89.95
Space Jam: A New Legacy Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2021) LOOK FOR RARE LEBRON AUTOS!!

Space Jam: A New Legacy Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2021) LOOK FOR RARE LEBRON AUTOS!!

Product Features
  • Three Hits Per Box!
  • Look for Autos, Sketch Cards, Lenticular!
  • Collect Cosmic Relics and Film Cel Autos!
  • Find Looney Tune Character Patches!
  • Collect the Looney Tunes in Action Inserts!
$99.95 $49.95
Magic the Gathering Streets of New Capenna Set Booster Box

Magic the Gathering Streets of New Capenna Set Booster Box

Product Features
  • 30 packs per box, 12 cards per pack
$149.95 $92.95
Magic the Gathering Streets of New Capenna Collector Booster Box

Magic the Gathering Streets of New Capenna Collector Booster Box

Product Features
  • 12 packs per box, 15 cards per pack
$299.95 $134.95


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