Product Preview: 2017/18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey out later this month!

Even though the puck just dropped less than a week ago on the 2018/19 NHL season, fans know the new ‘collecting season’ does not begin until the final release of the previous season, which means only two words, The Cup! Yes that’s right the collector favorite and the most premium release on the hockey hobby calendar is here for the 2017/18 season! As in past years each tin will contain two autographed patch cards with at least one being a rookie patch autograph (RPA)!

The premium base set in 2017-18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey has 249 copies, with Gold Spectrum (#/36 or less), Black Foil (1 of 1), and Masterpiece Press Plates (1 of 1) parallels.  Additional parallels include a signature and/or a memorabilia piece, these include Gold Spectrum Foil Auto (#/12), Gold Foil Auto Patch (#/8), Gold Foil Patch (#/8), Red Foil Auto (#/4), Red Foil Tag (#/4), Green Foil Auto Button (#/3), Green Foil Button (#/3), Black Foil Auto (1 of 1), and Black Foil NHL Shield (1 of 1).

Of course the main highlight (in a box full of them!) are the rookie patch autograph subset. As in past years, Level 1 subjects have 249 copies while Level 2 drops to just 99 cards. Parallels include Gold Foil Auto Patch (#/24 or #/12) and Red Foil Auto Tag (#/8 or #/4). There are also Rookie Auto (#/249) and Rookie Patch (#/249 or #/99) cards for the top rookies of last season. These have parallels too including Gold Spectrum Foil Auto (#/36 or #/24), Gold Spectrum Foil Patch (#/24 or #/12), Red Foil Tag (#/8 or #/4), Green Foil Auto Button (#/3), Green Foil Button (#/3), Black Foil Auto (1 of 1), and Black Foil NHL Shield (1 of 1).

In addition to the RPA cards, there is a plethora of other autographed patch cards. The new Rookie Tribute Auto Patch honors the designs from 2005/06 through 2009/10. Even more 2017/18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey hits come in the Cup Foundations (#/15) and Rookie Foundations (#/15) lines with 1 of 1 Tag versions.

Many collectors are also likely very familiar with the favorite Emblems of Endorsements (#/15), Honorable Numbers (jersey #’d), Dual Honorable Numbers (jersey #’d), Limited Logos (#/50 or less), Scripted Swatches, Dual Scripted Swatches (#/15), Signature Materials (#/99 or #/25), and Dual Signature Materials (#/35 or #/15). High-end booklets include Auto Pro Gear Booklet Jersey-Patch (#/12), Auto Rookie Gear Booklet Jersey-Patch (#/24), Autographed Monumental Patch Booklet (#/6 or #1 of 1), and Dual Auto Rookie Bookmarks (#/18).

A new hit for 2017-18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey are the Razors Edge cards (#/10) with pieces of game-used skate blades! Continuing themed sets from past years, collectors can find Brilliance (1:10), Enshrinements (#/99 or #/25), Enshrinements Duos (#/25 or #/10), NHL Glory Autos (#/10), Program of Excellence Auto (#/10), Program of Excellence Dual Auto (#/5), Scripted Sticks (#/35), Dual Scripted Sticks (#/15), Signature Renditions (1:6), and Signature Renditions Combos (1:100). The Show is an autograph set for rookies (1:80) and veterans/legends (1:120). Numbered to the draft spot where they were taken. There is the returning 9-way Signature Booklet (#/9), Monumental Patch Booklet (1 of 1), Legends of Hockey Triple Signed Booklet (#/9), and Ticket Inscription Booklet.

As for the unsigned memorabilia, there is the returning Cup Foundations (#/25) and Rookie Foundations (#/49) jersey cards which both boast low-numbered Patch, Premium and Tag parallels. Multiple of your favorite players can be found on Cup Trios (#/25), Cup Quads (#/10), and Cup Sixes (#/5), adding Premium Materials Gold (#/10 or less), Premium Materials Red (#/2), Button Green (1 of 1) editions. There are also Limited Logos (#/25) cards for rookie players, while the Championship Etchings (#/15) set showcases sterling silver nameplates for all-time greats. The Color Coded (#/33) and Color Coded Rookies (#/44) cards are another new option. The very scarce Notable Nameplates and Property of (1 of 1) return for the new release as well. Finally Exquisite Collection ends the season with Exquisite Endorsements Relics (#/50 or less) and Exquisite Rookie Patch Auto cards (jersey #’d).

2017/18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey looks to once again set the standard for high-end releases. Always a favorite of fans of the coolest game on earth, this product is set for release on Wednesday, October 24th. Tins (6 cards per tin) and cases (3 and 6 tin cases available) are now up for presell on our website!

2017/18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby 6-Box Case

2017/18 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby 6-Box Case

Product Features
  • One Autographed Patch Rookie Card Per Box!
  • One additional Autographed Patch Card Per Box!
  • Find 1-of-1 Exquisite Rookie Auto Shields!
  • Find Auto Rookie Gear Booklet Jersey Patches!
  • Look for Tribute Auto Patches!
$9,999.95 $6,499.95

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