2014 Topps Supreme Football Preview

The 2014 release of Topps Supreme Football is once again filled with high-quality, low-numbered autograph and relic cards with the promise of one big hit per pack. There are veteran, rookie and retired players featured throughout the set.


Autographed relic cards come in three different varieties: Patch, Jumbo Patch and Quad Relic. All three have limited runs of parallels, including one-of-one Red parallels. There are also Autographed Team Logo Patch Booklet cards that are numbered one-of-one.

Rookie and Retired/Veteran Autographed Cards feature on-card signatures and come in various sequentially numbered quantities. Both sets of autograph cards also have four levels of parallels as well as Printing Plates numbered one-of-one. Look for special box loaders with more rookie autographs. Autographed QB Playbook Cards are oversized book cards that feature a specific quarterback’s signature and a hand-drawn version of his favorite play. Nickname Autograph Book Cards feature a rookie signature with an inscription of that player’s nickname. Both come sequentially numbered.

Multi-player autograph cards come with two, four, six or even eight signatures and come sequentially numbered to five. Six autograph cards are double-sided and eight autograph cards are in booklet form.

Topps Supreme Football also features two sets of multi-player autographed relic cards. Supreme Rookie Dual Autograph Die-Cut Relic Book Cards showcase 20 different pairings of rookies with “Supreme-sized” relic swatches and autographs. These come sequentially numbered to five. Dual Autograph Patch Book Cards showcase up to 20 different combos of rookie, veteran and retired players and come sequentially numbered to 15 plus one-of-one Red Parallels.

Relic cards come in several different varieties. Rookie Quad Patch Cards and Rookie Quad Combo Patch Cards feature four swatches per card and come in three levels of parallels: Blue (#’d to 15), Violet (#’d to 5) and Red (#’d to 1). Supreme Rookie Die-Cut Relic Cards have jumbo-sized swatches from 40 different players and come sequentially numbered. Violet Patch Parallels come numbered sequentially to 25 and one-of-one Red Patch Parallels. Veteran Quad Relic Cards will come with three jersey swatches and one jersey patch and feature a numbered one-of-one Platinum Patch Parallel.

Topps has packed rare jersey pieces and other unique uniform elements in several sets made up of cards that are all numbered one-of-one. These sets include: Jumbo Supreme Patch, Jumbo Supreme Glove Relic, Letter Patch Cards, Supreme Tags Relic Cards and Supreme Shields.

Supreme Football base cards are made up of rookie, veteran and retired players. There are five levels of parallels plus numbered one-of-one Printing Plates.

2014 Topps Supreme Football Hobby Box

2014 Topps Supreme Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 1 Pack Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Auto, Auto Relic, OR Relic Card Per Box!
  • Look for Auto'd Quad Relic Cards!
  • Find Autographed Rookie Cards!



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