#DACWPulls: Football hits & DACW Live’s 1/1 streak keeps going

We’ve been featuring a lot of hits from DACW Live in our #DACWPulls posts lately, but what we really enjoy is seeing hits from our customers. Shawn sent us some football hits he’s pulled while doing some group breaking online. He buys all his product from Dave & Adam’s.

2014_FlairShowcase_JohnnyManziel 2012_PaniniContenders_AndrewLuck

The Johnny Manziel rookie auto is from 2014 Upper Deck Flair Showcase. Shawn also scored a big hit with the Andrew Luck rookie auto from 2012 Panini Contenders. It appears to be a Cracked Ice parallel, which is one of the most desirable Luck rookie cards to collect.

Congrats on the hits Shawn! If you want to see your hits from Dave & Adam’s featured on our blog just send an e-mail to [email protected]

If you caught our last post, then you know the DACW Live guys are on a nice hot streak of 1/1 pulls. They’ve been pulling all sorts of one-of-ones, including an Andrew Luck rookie auto printing plate, Sylvester Stallone Rocky buyback auto and some amazing Marvel sketch cards. The latest 1/1 also features some star power with three of the greatest golfers of all-time.

IMG_1673Arnie, Jack and Tiger…

This phenomenal one-of-one triple auto came from last Friday’s case break of 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite Golf. All three signatures look great, and stand out with all of them in blue ink.

Be sure to drop by the DACW Live Lounge when it’s open to see what the guys are cracking, and what one-of-one they’ll pull next.

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