Magic the Gathering Alpha Set Purchase

Joe Steet, one of the members of the Dave & Adam’s Buying Team also happens to be a Magic the Gathering Judge. So while out in California for Grand Prix San Jose, Joe lined up a purchase that he had been working on for awhile. Joe went out there expecting to just purchase the Power 9 from the Alpha Set…but returned with the complete set!

The Alpha production run only had 1100 of each rare printed, so a complete set is quite a feat to acquire!

The cards were in such nice shape we had to send them out for grading, so keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of high grade Alpha cards coming onto our website in the next few weeks!

One Response to Magic the Gathering Alpha Set Purchase

  1. Randi February 25, 2017 at 12:01 am #

    Did you send the entire Alpha set out for grading? I am looking for a complete set of commons/uncommons In Mint shape.