2015 Topps Finest Baseball preview

One of Topps’s cornerstone brands, Topps Finest, returns to the baseball market in 2015 with a fresh and colorful design for the upcoming season. 2015 Topps Finest Baseball will have a different focus than most recent baseball sets with an emphasis on veteran and retired players instead of rookies and prospects. Each master box will contain two autograph cards.

The base card set for 2015 Topps Finest features 100 cards with both veterans and rookies represented. Base cards are supplemented by nine levels of refractor parallels plus one-of-one Printing Plates. Topps has also created special hot boxes where every base card is a special black refractor.

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One of the new features for 2015 Topps Finest is short printed base cards. These short prints have their own parallels with Refractor parallels numbered to 25, Red Refractors numbered to five and one-of-one SuperFractors.

Finest Autographs are signed editions of base cards. Finest Autograph parallels are sequentially numbered and come in six different levels: Blue, Green, Gold, Orange (#’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5), SuperFractor (#’d 1/1) plus one-of-one Printing Plates.


Cases of 2015 Topps Finest will contain either a Finest Generations or Finest Greats Autograph card featuring on-card signatures from top MLB veterans and retired players. The checklist for the Finest Generations includes Cal Ripken, Jr., Ken Griffey, Jr., Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire and Sandy Koufax. Finest Affiliations Autographs are brand new, sequentially numbered, dual autograph cards that pair up elite MLB players. Both sets of autograph cards come with their own levels on limited parallels.


Topps continues the emphasis on former greats of the game with two new insert sets. Finest Generations honors retired MLB legends. Look for sequentially numbered autograph parallels of these insert cards.  There will also be a ten-card set of die-cut cards that will pay tribute to one specific player. Finest Careers Die-Cut will have ten cards, each with a different image, that will commemorate the career of a yet to be named recently retired player. Both Generations and Careers Die-Cut have three levels of parallels: Refractor (#’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5) and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1).


Rookie players have their own insert card set with Finest Firsts. These come in both autographed and regular parallels.


Topps also goes back in time 20 years with 1995 Topps Finest cards that feature current stars using the base card design from the 1995 set. 1995 Topps Finest cards have three levels of parallels: Refractor (#’d to 25), Red (#’d to 5) and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1).

2015 Topps Finest Baseball is scheduled to release in June 2015.

2015 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box

2015 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 2 mini boxes per master box, 6 packs per mini box
  • Every Master Box Includes 2 Autograph Cards
  • Look for Hot Boxes with Black Refractor base cards
  • New in 2015 is a Finest Careers Die-Cut cards

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