2015 Topps Platinum Football preview

2015 Topps Platinum Football is due out this November with an impressive new look and an emphasis on this year’s rookie class. Boxes will come with three hits: two rookie autos and a patch auto of a veteran or rookie player.

15PLFB_1001_Base_BeckhamJr 15PLFB_2004_AutoRookie_Mariota

The 150 base card set is split into two groups with 100 veteran players printed on foilboard and 50 Chrome Refractor rookies. Veterans have just one level of parallel cards to chase with Gold parallels that land one per pack.

Rookie parallels are more expansive with nine different versions plus one-of-one printing plates. Hobby boxes will be guaranteed to hold five X-fractor and one Sapphire Refractor parallel cards. Numbered Refractor parallels include: Pulsar, Purple, Black, Red (#’d to 25), Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) (#’d to 10), Salute to Service (STS) (#’d to 10) and SuperFractor (#’d 1/1).

Autographed versions of the rookie base cards come with on-card signatures. These have a whopping total of nine levels of numbered parallels plus one-of-one printing plates.

Additional autographed content includes dual rookie autos that are numbered to 25. Hexagraph double-sided rookie cards come with six signatures (three per side) and are numbered to ten.


Topps Platinum also features some die-cut inserts that have autographed versions. Signed BCA and STS die-cut ribbon cards are numbered to ten, and unsigned versions of these land one per case. Platinum Players Die-Cuts highlight top veteran and rookie players. Regular versions appear once per hobby box, but autographed ones are a little harder as they are one-of-ones.

15PLFB_3003_AutoRookieRefPatchCard_Winston 15PLFB_3301_PlatinumRKAutoPatch_Cooper

Rookie patch autos come with a multi-color patch piece plus a player signature. There are eight levels of parallels, including one-of-one Red Refractor parallels that will contain either an NFL Shield patch, team logo patch, football piece or a glove relic. Look for dual rookie patch autos that are numbered out of 25, and jumbo-sized rookie patch auto case hits.

Veteran patch autos come numbered with five levels of numbered parallels.

2015 Topps Platinum Football Hobby Box

2015 Topps Platinum Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 20 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • Two Autographed Rookie Cards Per Box!
  • One Auto Rookie or Veteran Patch Card Per Box!
  • Five X-Fractor Parallel Rookie Cards Per Box!
  • One Black Refractor Parallel Rookie Card Per Box!
$228.95 $199.95

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