MVP Monday: Michael Kociencki

Happy August everybody! Summer may be winding down but Football season is just a couple weeks away and hey, the Fall isn’t that bad here in Buffalo! Today we highlight one employee of ours who has gone from processing comic books to now helping run our newest location in Roermond, Netherlands – Michael Kociencki


What are you looking forward to this Summer?


Traveling !!, Have been to Germany, Brussels, Lake Como and Rome is the next big trip!


OMG… talk about jealous. 



Do you have any hobbies? Rec leagues, art, music, etc.


Anything sport related, movies, the theatre museums!


The Theatre Museums seem totally cool dude! 



What is your favorite movie & why? 


Predator, I am just a huge Arnold fan.


See, I am much more of a comedy girl… but uh… seems cool! 



What are your favorite sports teams?


Buffalo Bills!!! Bills Mafia!!! My first ever football game was the Houston Oilers at Buffalo Bills. My dad made us stay as the stadium emptied and ever since then I was a Bills Fan! Thanks Dad !


I think that is totally special and something you MUST pass down! 



Are you a former/current athlete? What sports did you play? What was your favorite?


Former sports I’ve played are Football, Swimming (100 Meter Fly was my event) and Baseball.


I swam freestyle but butterfly was more my thing! 



If you were an animal what would you be and why?


I would be a Great White Shark. I believe that they are the most amazing shark and predator in the Ocean.


So I totally get that and understand the logic, but like you wouldn’t want land? If I were an animal, I would need to be able to find pizza somehow. 



Is cereal soup? Why or why not?


No, because it is served cold and often consumed during breakfast time.


I like chicken noodle for breakfast sometimes though… 



Do you have any collections of your own?


I collect vintage movie posters!


WOW! That is unique. 



Tell me about your background with Dave & Adam’s? What attracted you to work for us?


I started out as a Comic Book Processor! Then moved into a role as a Comic Buyer for the company. After a few years of comics, I was promoted to EU Operations Manager at our new Netherlands card shop. The Company grew and thrived when many other collectible companies didn’t. If you collect cards in Western New York, you know the Dave & Adam’s name and you have, at least at 1 time or another, bought cards or collectibles from there!


Loving the career history moment you have! 



Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here?


My first trip to San Diego Comic Con!


That is a dream come true. 



What makes you love your job?


I have done more traveling with Dave & Adam’s than I ever thought possible. I love to explore.


Which has been your favorite place though? 

Thank you Mike for all that you do! You’re the real MVP!


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