MVP Monday: James Carman

The Buffalo snow storms could never stop us from our MVP Monday spotlight! We hope that everyone is enjoying a safe and happy winter, and that you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolution! Every Monday we highlight an employee who keeps the ball rolling here at Dave and Adam’s. If you were to walk through our warehouse, you would notice that there is no shortage of gaming products, and our MVP this week is the one responsible. Meet our Gaming Product Manager and Buyer, James Carman! As always, we sit down to talk and learn more about our MVP!

– Tell me about your background with DA/HP? What attracted you to work for us? 

I started at our retail store supervising the Gaming Department. My interest in Board Gaming is what initially drew me to the position. It seemed like an enjoyable place to work, being surrounded by collectibles and fun hobbies.

Aside from being surrounded by amazing products on a daily basis, our company culture is what sets us apart from the competition. Our whole team gets along great, and each individual brings an interesting/unique perspective to the team. #SquadGoals 

– What inspires you to be the best at your job?  

I’m a very competitive person, which I think translates to my work ethic as well. I always want to give my best effort at anything that I do.

Much like James, a lot of our employees have a very competitive spirit. This drives the perfectionist characteristic that a lot of our employees possess. 

– What has been your biggest challenge here, and what did you do to solve it on your own?  

We constantly need to be able to adapt with the changes to the hobby and its current landscape.

Collecting is an ever-changing hobby; We do all that we can to keep the customer happy and satisfied in all departments as the demand continues to increase.  

– What are your interests outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

I’m very active in the local disc golf scene.  In addition to playing the sport, I’ve also helped run local leagues & tournaments, designed courses, and have organized volunteer work days. I also enjoy playing tabletop and board games; my favorite being Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. Here’s a picture of a hole in one from over the summer in Ocean City, MD.

Wow! James is what we call a ‘legend’ in the disc golf scene. We love to see our employees pursue their passions while away from work, and James’ desire to grow the sport goes unmatched.

– Do you have any pets?  

We have 2 cats and 2 fish tanks.  I just set up a glo-fish tank for my son, which is fun for us to enjoy together.

What an awesome and unique way to bond with your son! I’m sure your cats enjoy the fish too! 😉

– What are your favorite sports teams and why? 

 I’m not a huge fan of most team sports, but I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills.

If there’s any team to be a fan of, it is the Buffalo Bills. Are you just saying that so you don’t get banned from the office?

– What’s your favorite product that we sell?  

Being a Star Wars fan, I enjoy the Topps Trading Cards products set in the SW Universe.

The best part about DA/HP is that we have products for all sorts of hobbies. From trading cards to action figures, comic books to movie memorabilia; We have it all!

– Do you have any collections of your own? 

I collect coins, particularly “Liberty” coinage.

– What’s an interesting fact about you?

I once won an all expenses paid trip to Disney World for 4 from a box of pop tarts.

Sometimes you just get lucky and win a trip to disney. As an avid fan of both pop tarts and disney, I just want to tell you that I am jealous.

– What was your career before DA/HP?  

I worked as a manager in the Restaurant Industry for 10+ years.

… And when exactly are you going to chef something up for the office? 😉 

-Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here? 

One of the joys of working for this company is that there are experiences that most people would not get to be a part of on a regular basis.  We get to see tons of unique items on the daily that the average person would never have the chance to.

We love that you love your work here, James! We would not be the same without you and your daily commentary! 

Thank you once again for joining us for our MVP Monday Employee spotlight! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on all things Dave and Adam’s! See you next week!

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